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Issue 161

May 25, 2011

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>> Editorials
The Season of Prom

The end of the school year is upon us, and even those Urbanville citizen who are out of school can feel it!  First off, here are some yearbook reminders!

1.  Vote for your favorite nominees!  Nominating people for the categories doesn't mean that you voted for them.  Votes count in the Yearbook VOTING topic, or for those who want to avoid the public eye, send your picks to Love_Child in a gram. You have until the close of day on May 31st.

2.  Even if you weren't nominated for a category in the Yearbook, you can still be in it!  Just fill out your info in the Yearbook Class of 2011 topic before the end of May!

Next, make sure you're ready for the Urbanville Prom happening on Saturday, May 28th!  Funk's Depot has all the formal wear you could ask for.  Even if you don't have a date, which is likely since there are way more guys than girls, show up and boogie down!  There will be picture taking and random prizes being given out.

Who is excited about the Urbolympics!  I know I am!  It will be an exciting and suspenseful event and we all must thank Jay_Rawker for working so tirelessly on it!  The deadline to sign up has come and gone.  Now all that's left to do is fight, fight, fight!  Oh, and cheer everyone on!  ;)

In this issue we have ManDude's chilling conclusion to Knock, Knock.  I'm sleeping with the light on tonight! 

We also have two lively interviews provided by that guy with the quirky sense of humor, Inside_Scoop.  The DATELESS reporter.

Interview with Dark_Oracle!

After a very eventful week last issue, i decided to relax in this issue! So i headed to Love and Oracle's Cafe!
*I sat down with Dark_Oracle, Love_Child brings us both over a latte*

Inside_Scoop: Hello, how are you Dark_Oracle?
Dark_Oracle: Am feeling awesome, how are you?
Inside_Scoop: I'm much better than last week! Stuck with those villains, isn't my idea of a Saturday night!
*Sips latte.. then realizes it is too hot.. puts it down casually, hoping Dark_Oracle didn't see..*

Inside_Scoop: So..., you're a much lovable Urb, why do you think you're liked by everyone?
Dark_Oracle: I am? Really? That's really sweet. I don't really know why I am liked by everyone. Maybe because I love socializing with other urbs. I can't stop talking. I can't stop being friendly. Yeah, friendly ^_^

Inside_Scoop: You're nominated quite a bit in the YearBook voting, think you'll grab any of them? Why?
Dark_Oracle: I think I will. Why? Like you said earlier, I am a much lovable urb *smiles*
Inside_Scoop: I think you would get at least two! - Queen of Forums and Most Creative!
*sips latte, this time it's drinkable!*

Inside_Scoop: So you're over 1,900 days OLD! - Wow?
Dark_Oracle: Yup, am pretty old. I don't feel too old. I feel really young!
Inside_Scoop: I think you look young. *winks*

Inside_Scoop: So how come you choose to became a Beatnik?
Dark_Oracle: For me Beatnik equals awesome. I think am not cut out to be a villain because I don't really like those chaotic, villainy stuff. I can't be a hero because I don't feel like a hero. There is a great tension between Villains and Heroes and don't like it. I do not look like a vigi or a nomad. Then there's beatniks, happy and laid-back urbs. They express their feelings through art and I love that.

Inside_Scoop: You left, then came back, what made you come back?
Dark_Oracle: Well, I was really missing urbaniacs so much especially the people. I left for almost 2 years. Then one magical day I just decided to come.  I never want to leave the site again.

Inside_Scoop: I am glad you did come back, the forums have been buzzing! - How do you think of some of the things you write?
Dark_Oracle: I think randomly. Whenever I think of a great topic I'll post it in the forums before the idea goes away. Curiosity is a great factor too.

Inside_Scoop: So are you going to the Urbanville prom? - Who with?
Dark_Oracle: I am going to the prom. Am with Ultra_Urb
Inside_Scoop: Darn, missed my oportunity! - Don't tell Urbrey_Porter! Shhh!

Inside_Scoop: And are you going to participate in the UrbOlympics?
Dark_Oracle: Yes, am going to. Am with max and Ang3L

Inside_Scoop: Finally, I LOVE your Avatar Picture, who done it?
Dark_Oracle: Thank you! I am glad you love it. I did my own Avi. It's cute, right?
Inside_Scoop: Yes it is! - Want to make me one?
Dark_Oracle: I'll think about it! Bye - I have to get back to work now, before Love_Child complains!!

*As I am about to leave, I see SilverFlame and he calls me over for another Coffee!*
......... TBC ................

Interview with SilverFlame!

*So I sit down, again another coffee, this time I went for a Cappuccino and panettone, a little peckish!*

Inside_Scoop: So how are you?
SilverFlame: I'm great thanks! Just off to the park with my sidekicks!
*Killy, Vampyrus, SpitFire, Romulus and Remus and Spitz are all jumping up and down next to him*

Inside_Scoop: How did you find out about
Silver_Flame: It was mentioned in a web article I found while doing some research. I thought it looked interesting so I checked it out.

Inside_Scoop: And how did you choose what character to be?
SilverFlame: I'm a hero, he looked the most heroic.
*I look accros and notice my Cappuccino and panettone gone.. sidekicks...*

Inside_Scoop: You have around 75,000 props... just how did you get so many?
SilverFlame: Just a lot of help from my friends.

Inside_Scoop: How did you become a Hero?
SilverFlame: I could say born and bred. But really like to help people. Also kicking villain butt is really fun.

Inside_Scoop: You are a truly respected urb, do you think you still would be if you were a villain?
SilverFlame: No I would be feared.

Inside_Scoop: What's made you stick around?
SilverFlame: It's fun and the people are great.
Inside_Scoop: Thanks.. I am great!

Inside_Scoop: What urb do you miss the most and like to see return?
SilverFlame : I can't pick just one;
Top 5 in no particular order:
Inside_Scoop: Not too many then!

Inside_Scoop: What is your favourite weapon?
SilverFlame: Urborang

Inside_Scoop: Well nice chatting to yourself, thanks!

*SilverFlame leaves, and I head back to the office!*

>> Top Stories
Knock Knock. Times Up

You grab and swipe at what's holding you but there is nothing. You are thrown into the wall. Dust falls all around you. You pick up the dust and throw it in the air. The dust makes an outline of what's attacking you.

You run away to the garage where you are followed. A bag of cement and a hose. You throw the cement in the air. Spray the hose. Another statue for your garden? No. It cracks and shatters.

It's after you again. Frantic, you run outside screaming. Henchlings walk by laughing at you. You turn around and see a small shadow. You wonder what you're seeing. You run for the nearest sharp tool you can find. Holding it tight, frightened. The shadow turns to solid black.

You hear a voice say "Well the potion wore off." Still in defense mode, you jump forward and plunge the tool into the figure. This time it lands. With a wail of pain, it falls to the ground. A bottle saying "Ghost Potion 'Turn invisible! Go intangible! Scare your friends!'". A mask falls off the figure. "Got ya" it says weakly.

Your friend is now lying on the floor with a blank face. You put the pieces together. A nothingness fills you. It's soon replaced with another feeling. One you've never felt before. The feeling...the wanting for more.

A group walks up to your garage laughing saying "Cool prank huh?" and "Wow you sure were scared!" until they see it. They look surprised and back away. You turn to them, holding the tool, fists clenched, looking to the floor. You pick your head up. Your friends jump back and see a wicked smile all the way across your face.


>> Sports
UrbOlympics Here We Go!

Okay, less than 4 days away from the first game, Bomb Diggity, and the teams have all been registered. No more teams will be accepted at this point.

Team captains have work to do, carefully selecting and assigning their teammates to the games they are most good at.

The first game will last 1 week as usual, however, there will be a few "heats". For example, I will hold a Bomb Diggity challenge for two players from different teams and I, Newbieaid will hold another Bomb Diggity challenge at the same time for two other different players from different teams.

Silvia will also be holding the same challenge with 2 other players. If more, Love_Child will kindly hold the last "heat".

After the week is over, I will take everyone's score and put them in a standing ranging from high to low. Only the top 3 will be awarded points.

15 Points for 1st place,
10 for 2nd place and
5 for 3rd place.

The same thing will happen with the following games. Any questions? If so, gram me as soon as possible, the more you know the bigger advantage you get. Good luck to all! I will make a chronicle about the Urbolympics weekly keeping everyone updated.