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Issue 159

May 11, 2011

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>> Editorials
An Interview With Jay_Rawker!

This interview commenced at Kiki and Kingz's Smoothie Bar, Jay bought the drinks and a cake, while i asked the questions!

*Gets out notepad*
Inside_Scoop: Hello Jay, so how are you today?
Jay: Am great, how are you?
I_S: I'm very fine thanks. *Sips Smoothie*

I_S: So, I have always been wandering this, how did you set up Prop-a-lot?
Jay: It's kind of a long story you see, it first started with an idea that I pitched in a forum topic a long time ago. DarkAng3l liked my idea so that she helped me start PropALot, which back then was done daily but then it got so overwhelming that it got changed to weekly and now PropAlot runs in a monthly tournament.
I_S: It's great you have set it up, definitely helps others gain props, while trying for a competition!

I_S: I understand you are in charge of Kingz's Newbie Aid, how come you are in control of it? - Last I heard __Kingz__ was in control.
Jay: Well, unfortunately __kingz__ quit and he decided to hand over the job to me.
I_S: Do you find it easy enough to help urbs through Kingz's Newbie Aid?
Jay: It's really easy, every time I see a newbie login everyday and play the game fairly, I hop in the NewbieAid inventory and give them a few items.
I_S: It's great to know that as a new urb, you can get help and support from older members and not feel afraid of the game.

I_S: You're now Hosting the UrbOlymics, yet alone hosting many other events, how do you control it all?
Jay: s13silvia231 is helping me, giving 100 million urbos for grabs. Am also a multi-tasker and I love keeping things organized. I have a few folders in my urbogram page that keep things organized as well in the forums. I also have a site that keeps some of these in place.
I_S: Oh! that is crazy, I would be a mess! I cant even keep all my notes in order! *Scrabbles around*
Jay: Not really, I try to login everyday to keep things ahead of me, instead of piling them up.

I_S: You have a knack for getting Urbs to join in, how do you do it?
Jay: I don't know, maybe it's the prizes or just the fun things that keep happening around the forums. There's not a lot to do here, so any small contest would wake everyone up.
I_S: Well, you seem as if your a great guy! Must be your personality! *Finishes last bite of the cake*

I_S: If you could control Urbaniacs for a day what would you change?
Jay: I would defenetly lower the daily interest rate, too much urbos being handed out every day.

I_S: Who on Urbaniacs do you miss the most?
Jay: Hard to say, there are too many urbs that have left or rarely login. __kingz__ for example left not too long ago. Montgomery, a very good friend, left a while ago, but he's been on a few times a month. Muckquaiker! Without him, I probably wouldn't be in the Vigilantes! I miss them all!

Well thank you Jay for your time today, great talking to you! *Signs an autograph and walks out*.

[If you'd like to be interviewed, send myself a gram and you could be in the next issue!]


UrbOlympics, Get Your Game ON!

So, recently in the Lounge, there has been one thread that has caught everyone's eye! Of course, it is the UrbOlympics! Get yourself a team of 3 and you can win 100mil! 100mil, 100mil?!!?? That is crazy money, having that sort of cash in my bank and I'd be off to Hawaii, drinking cocktails and relaxing on the beach! So for all of this, we must all thank s13silvia231. We cannot also forget, Jay_Rawker of course for organising it all!

So as it stands there are few teams that have entered. For me, I say it will be a Nomad team who will win this one. - Mind you I always go for the unexpected!

Whoever the winning team is, your homey and lead writer Inside_Scoop will have an interview, stats, picture and comments, all here in The Chronicles. Now GOOD LUCK, to all the entries and may the best team win!

Intensity Within Dispositions

Since the UrbOlympics is soon to be here, dispositions have been creating their teams in hope to take the 100,000,000 Urbos prize! Just to make things clear, for all of those who do not wish to make teams according to your disposition, you dont have to! UrbOlympics was never meant for a Disposition war. The Nomads are looking pretty confident that they only have 2 teams representing them so far, Nomadic Tribe 1 and 2.

As the dispos try to overcome one another, I can can clearly say that this UrbOlympics will be emotional to the players and spectators. There are a few threads throughout the forums, find them and read them, maybe you can find some weakness in some of your opponents.

Stay tuned to this UrbOlympics which will surely be written in the history books, for players that will join in the years to come.

Make sure your team gets registered by May 25th! Or you wont be able to play, and start practicing the 8 games that will be played in the UrbOlympics 2011!

Rawk Squawk

Another week, more opinions by your fellow citizens! Last week I asked what you didn't like about Urbanville, and I got very interesting results! If you missed last week's Chronicles, refer back to Issue 157. This week's question is a question that was asked a few weeks ago, am asking again because I have more interesting opinions. Who do you agree with? well read their opinions and you can give me some feedback.

*Unedited opinions of your fellow citizens*

Do you think the economics in Urbanville is too high? In other words, too much urbos going around.

"Well, With time comes change and it works like that all over the galaxy. I am not bothered with the rising economy of urbaniacs, as I too have more than millions to spend. I would actually say upgrade all the prices of urbaniacs with an extra zero at the end so that items are a tad more expensive again. ^_^" - Mantis

"I don't beleive that many things are too outrageously priced on here. I do however wish there was more availability of all the tp's, because of the rarity of the superpower, defense, and mojo tp's they are a bit overpriced." - Enercell

"The whole of the Economics here is based on the TPs exchange rate. The only way to lower the price of the TPs is to have such an over abundance that no one would pay inflated prices for them. Recently there have been much less TPs given out in assaults and the prices are already going up. If you have a lot of TPs the law of supply and demand will automatically bring the price down." - sexybaby77

"By now its too low, the tps selling is frozen by the high prices of it, and the items trades are this way too but because of the lack of interest in the now old fashion items available, except for the extra rare items like B. wereboy. But urbos are too abundante, from games and assaults, so the prices dont stop to skyrocket. We see now a somewhat contradictory tie freezing the urboeconomics." - ThunderBlitzkrieg

"It certainly is. The problem being TPs. There are not enough given out so the price goes through the roof. If everyone got a TP with every assault then the huge amount of TPs would lower the price. In fact since you are getting so many free chances are most people would stop buying them" - Zoomer_Mctraveller

Okay there are lots of opinions on this topic, but if i write them all now, it will take me 3 weeks! I would eventually get more opinions on this topic. In the meantime, you can decide who's right and who's not by gramming me and stating why or why not, and who do think think has the best opinion.

Till' next week

Fr3sh Afr0 Boii

Ok so I was walking down the Urbanville streets. I was going to buttman's urbshop to get my fresh cut. When out of nowhere I saw a Kelvin and a Sparky assault the Mayor's grandmother. The Kelvin took her purse and he reached in and took a lipstick and started to put it on, and the Sparky pushed her into the middle of the road.

I had to act fast so I called up my homeys Love_Child and UltraUrb to help me out. By my side were Love and UU. I told UU to get the Kelvin and Love would get the Sparky. I had to save the granny. I ran as fast as I could; there was a truck full of henchlings coming towards us.

I ran and grabbed the granny and took her into a garbage can and threw her in there. I said to the granny "You will be safe here ma'am."

Love called me and I ran and hit Sparky with my big afro. Sparky was stunned. Meanwhile Kelvin was smacking UU around. Me and Love went to help him. Love hit kelvin with her secret unknown power the Fist of Love which is hidden in her jacket. UU was on the floor. I came up to him and gave him a slice of my pizza. He got up and started to run around Kelvin. Kelvin got dizzy and threw up, I came from behind and gave him my superpower the Boogie Finger. Kelvin was knocked out cold.

Meanwhile the Sparky came from behind Love and pulled her pink beutiful hair. UU hit him with the DSI and I hit him with the Sonic Boombox. Sparky was down. I looked at love and said "No one touches that pretty pink hair of yours."

After that brutal fight UU, Love, and I went to the urb barber shop to get me my fresh cut. I looked at love and said "I have a strange feeling like I forgot something but I can't remember."

I beat it!

I finally kicked a Kelvin's butt! It was AMAZING. I was fighting 2 Sparkys and 2 Kelvins. Then I was like "Lemme get the last hit."

Then my partners said "He's all yours boss." And other things. So I used my super power and guess what happened? I ZIPPED RIGHT PAST IT!!!! I was so ashamed!

But then, Love_Child, Osmeliio, and Armand_Hammer pulled me out of the shame bucket and gave me another shot. Then I said" I'm gonna punch him in the face so hard he won't know what's coming!" So I hit him finally and we won!!!

So, now I can successfully say I kicked a Kelvins butt!!!! Next is gonna be Sparky!!!


This Goat thing seems to want to rule Urbanville. He claims that he DOES rule Urbanville actually. Apparently creating more assaults, yelling in the forums and yelling in the Chronicles gives you the key to the city. I dont know if it's me but I think he fits fine in that sewer he calls a home. Thoughts?

All this shows us is not his power, but his arrogance.


>> Business
Quiz Time!

Can you work out who I am describing?

-2 Urbograms per a Urb.
-If you get it right you win 250,000 urbos!

My name has 9 letters in and 1 _.
My first part of my name goes with Man, Maiden, copper, steel
Socks, t-shirt, underwear, shoes....

>> Top Stories
Cinco De Mayhem!

Goatfist and his minions have gotten away with disturbing the balance of Urbaniacs! Goatfist found a way to cause mayhem by using all the Henchlings, Chars, and Sludges to sequester the DoGooders! Now all that's left are the Kelvins and Sparkys!
When will the heroes step up and save the DoGooders to return the goodness in our community? When will Goatfist give up? Kelvins and Sparkys have free reign over the heroes, will the heroes succeed or will Goatfist?

"THAT LEAVES ONLY THE KELVINS AND SPARKYS TO RUN RAMPANT OVER URBANVILLE! MUAHAHAHA! I HOPE YOU HAVE STRONG FRIENDS TO HELP YOU OUT. THEY WILL EVEN BE TESTING THE VILLAINS!" Says Goatfist very confidently. Good luck to all my fellow friends, and good luck villains as you are still vulnerable to get assaulted by your own!

Mayor is Sick part deux

Okay, as you may know I covered a drastic story on the Mayor eating bad Urbo-Gurts. I am now going to Speedy's Java Hut for another interview.

As I walk into the store, I see an elderly woman purchasing a few groceries. As she goes to check out, Speedy Dude came out of his room and notices me. He then, nonchalantly looked away as if I didnt notice him coming out. I waited for the woman to leave so that I could talk to Mr. Speedy.

"Am Agent Rawker with the UCIA" I said.

He then said " We've met before".

I then proceeded to ask him about his Urbo-Gurts. He then got very suspicious. "May I take a few for some lab tests?" I asked.

"Sure, be my guest" he said very confidently.

"Do you remember anyone coming in before the Mayor did? I asked.

"There was this tall guy wearing a black lab coat".

"Perfect, did he talk to you or buy something?" I asked.

"No, he just walked in and walked right out"..

This case is getting very hot. I will keep you all informed. You will be the first ones to know the results of the lab tests on the Urbo-Gurts.

>> Sports

It's a sunny day out.

The Villains vs The Heroes

For the Villains here is the line up
1. UltraUrb - 1st Baseman
2. buttman - 2ndB asement
3. osmeliio - 3rd Basement
4. GoatFist - Short Stop
5. super_bad_melon - Catcher
6. s13silvia231 - Center Field
7. rackman - Right Field
8. Soul_Corruptor - Left Field
9. Henchling Kelvin - Pitcher

The ball game started, the Villains where batting first. UU comes and takes 2 strikes but the next pitch was thrown by Mayor and he smiled and blinded UU and UU took another swing and missed. Umpire [Love_Child] says "YOU'RE OUT BET IT"

Buttman comes up to the plate and the Mayor hits him with the ball in the legs. Buttman starts to scream at the Mayor saying the weird words "Chufala cofaga mulacata futana" made up language.

I come to the plate and I look at the Mayor with a nasty look. He walks me and smiles while I walk towards first base. I whisper to the first base coach sludge "HE DID IT ON PURPOSE I'LL GET HIM I SWEAR I'LL GET HIM ".

The Great Goat is at bat the first pitch the goat sent it to the bleachers with 2 men on base. Umpire says with no emotion "HOMERUN."

The game was at 3-0 the Villians on top. The next two batter struck out. The Heroes were at bat. The game was only gonna be one inning.

Before the first batter got to the plate the Goat called time out and called all his players to get into a little meeting, the Goat was saying "Guys, I have an idea I got my Sparkys destroying City Hall. The Mayor is gonna have to forfeit and leave the game to save their town.

Buttman says "Wahha lafta fghasg."

I look at buttman and say "DUDE what are you saying no one understands you."

So the first batter was mr.anderson, the Mayor gets a call in the dugout and he calls a time out. Mayor says "OMGSHH THE CITY IS BEING DESTROYED BY THESE WEIRDOS. We have to forfeit and go help them out."

Zoomer looks at Mayor and says "Oh darn it I wanted to show these Villains who is boss."

The Mayor calls the umpire, Love, and says sorry but we have to forfeit the city needs us. Love looks at him with a strange/sad face. "Then you guys won't win."

Mayor says "Sorry we have to jet cya later alligator".

Love says "GAME OVER VILLAINS WIN." Love starts to walk away while crying. I look at Goat and start to laugh, we did it we won.

The Goat says "To celebrate let's go into the MoD office and order some pizzas with some juice, and then we can plan on another mission on how to torture the Heroes or maybe we can even urbnap Zoomer or even the Mayor.

Rackman says "Good idea but will there be girls in the MoD office?"

Soul_Corrupter looks at him and says "You have a serious problem you can't be without a girl more than 10 minutes. I understand it's manly but our job comes first."

*The Villains leave the ball park and go to the MoD office.*

~ The End ~