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Issue 156

Apr 27, 2011

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>> Editorials
Rawk Squawk

The Rawk Squawk asked over 50 funky Urbaniacs if they think the Urbanville economy was high, as of pricing in the Swap Meet.  We got different opinions for this question. Remember you can send me your opinions on any of the questions already asked and it may be featured in the Rawk Squawk.

*answers are unedited and are complete quotes of you fellow Urbaniacs*

"I don't think the stores are too's the people selling things that jack up the prices." -Whiskey

"No not too high" =MilkinKittens

"The economy is way too high, normal body part prices are soaring and so are valuable items, Tps need to become more frequent." The_Shadow_Fighter

"Yes. Inflated prices for items that are "retired" (those that people cant find, but are not actually retired) no matter the stats and the excessive amount of urbos each young urb has has made it difficult to trade for items period. The value of the urb has gone down so much and the value of the tps up so much, that it's often easier to deal in items than money." -Armand_Hammer

"Yes! I say tax the ones with all the urbos! More urbos you have the more you get taxed!! And maybe to reduce urbos, bring say 3 retired items back which a one off sell could be 50mil. Soon kill a few players" -UltraUrb

"Urbanville inflation is very high right now. This is all expected given the system we have. We are given urbos from the bank, assaults, and games, and we only use it to trade with each other for body parts, cash items, or training passes. Selling more items at the shop for urbos would do a great deal to fix this." -TheThing

"I think the Urbanville Economics aren't too high, they are perfect the way they are." - King_Fighter

The TRUE Story of Urbaniacs...

Once, long ago, there were 10 Great Ones, and Great Beings.  They were the creators of all the dimensions, and everything we know it to be...  They were almighty, like the outsides visions of God...  They were my masters, they gave me the powers of the Great Beings, and the Great Ones, they made me the most powerful being in any universe or dimension...  But back to the story...  The first Great One, the leader, Galgamax, banded these almighty ones together...  And so, the story begins...

"So, we need a plan to make these dimensions and universes..." Galgamax said boredly.
"How about..." The second in command Great One leader, DarkLight said, he went on to explain his plan.  "We would make this place called... Urbaniacs, the center of the universes and dimensions, where only the most powerful of heroes/heroines and villains would live...  BUT!  There would be two in particular that would be the key to everything, one... Josh...  Two... ManDude...  These two heroes would be the most powerful we have ever seen, they would both hold the powers of us and the Great Beings, our cousins over there..." DarkLight explained.
"And like I said before, they would be the key to everything, all of our plans.... Everything... And they would have a female friend named Gagiti..." DarkLight explained.

And so they began the plan to build the center of the universes and dimensions...
To be continued in part 2!!

>> Business
Goatfist Picture Contest!

So in issue 154 I proposed a contest if you will. I only received 1 entry so far!

You can draw up a picture of goatfist doing something in his spare time as a retired villain and submit it to the Art Gallery!

Please refer back to Issue 154 for more information. Thank you!

Easy Urbos?!?!

I'm pretty sure everyone likes urbos. And now you can make the easiest urbos of your life.
Step 1: Go to my page
Step 2: Go to the youtube page that I posted on my page
Step 3: Watch the video, leave a comment, and then send me a message on urbaniacs telling me your youtube name, and if I see that you watched the video I will give you 500,000 urbos!

So for all you noobs who want urbos, this is an easy urbos, this is probably the easiest way to earn them.

Sincerely, Patar

>> Top Stories
Easter Saved!

Easter Sunday was quite eventful at the Mayor's Annual Easter Egg Hunt at City Hall. In an attempt to avoid the inevitable discovery of unfound rotting eggs around the Mayor's office in the weeks following Easter this year, officials decided to go with plastic eggs filled with candy and urbos. This prompted more participation than usual, and not from the children.

The Villains took it upon themselves to empty out half of the plastic eggs, replacing their contents with what else? Rotten eggs. They then taped the eggs shut to avoid the leakage of odor and putrefaction before the hunt ended and the kids gathered to open their eggs.

Luckily, one of the eggs was dropped by a particularly clumsy do-gooder kid, spilling its contents, and the beans, figuratively speaking.

The Heroes in attendance leaped into action, swiftly finding all tainted eggs while the Beatniks kept the children busy creating bunny masks. Ever prepared in an emergency, the Vigilantes produced dozens of plastic eggs they had on hand, while the Nomads filled the eggs with candy they had just happened to bring with them from a trip through a neighboring city. Super Speedy Dude then re-hid the eggs in a flash and the children had a great time finding them.

Thus Easter was saved with a collaborative effort. In unrelated news, though, there has been a rash of robberies by short culprits wearing bunny masks.

>> Sports

100 Million Urbos for the Winning Team