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Issue 155

Apr 20, 2011

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>> Editorials
Rawk Squawk

Last week the Rawk Squawk asked, what was your daily routine and if you play games or not.  This week, the Squawk asks what they love the most about Urbanville.  We asked over 50 urbaniacs and here are the best answers!

*answers are unedited and are the exact quotes of your fellow urbaniacs*

"What I love about Urbanville is..... The people that I've gotten to know and enjoy talking to and messing around in the forums" - Enercell

"If you would have asked me this 300 days ago, you by now would still be reading the list lol :). I just love how friendly the urbs are. Very nice" - King_Fighter

"I don't really know... it's addicting. Would you Hold it Against Me if I said it was Toxic? =P" - Euphyllia

"What I love about Urbanville is the people. It is a community where you can talk about anything you want. We also all have something in common from playing Urbaniacs all the time, even though we come from so many different age groups. Achieving anything in this game would not mean as much as it does without being able to talk about it in the forums." - TheThing

"There is nothing like it in the world." - IllDev

"everything i just love coming on this site and seeing people on thst i know and doing battles with them its a lot of fun" - Dark_Falcon

Share your opinions!  Write your own article and express them!  Gram them to me and I will add it to my articles.

Until Next Week!

Not Faceless

Come join the Face Crew.  We are the most active crew.  Recruit active 50 days and up so anyone over 50 days can join.  We also have a donation thread for newbies to help them make faces for themselves.  Loyal urbs make this a great crew.  We're always having challenges and it's a great way to connect with friends.  Give us a shot - you won't regret it. :D


A Poem

A poem
What's in a poem?
Do the words mean something?
Or is Urbanville that lazy?
Vigilantes, Nomads
Villains, Heroes
And the most Artistic of the all
Why don't they write a poem?
What does a poem need
To be called a poem?
Is this even a poem?
Or do I have to have certain words
To make it sound like a poem
Why dont you tell me?
Tell all of us.
After all we dont know a thing about

Urbaniacs Got Talent!

I've seen lots of talents in my two years in Urbanville, but I have a feeling I haven't seen all of them.  If you have a talent you want to share with the citizens of Urbanville, you can!  Just send in an article describing your FUNKY talent!  Your talent can be anything.  Am sure people would want to know what each one of you can do.  Who knows, you might find out that others have the same talent as you do!

Urbanville has an abundance of artists, whether you're dissing people in the Freestyle forum, or drawing for the Gallery.  I believe that Urbanville has many talents, each is worth listening to.  So come on out and share your special talent.  Make sure to submit it to the next issue of the Chronicles.  Thank You!


There I was with a TP in my hand it said +5 super power.  I said "Well should I sell it or use it."  The next day the TP had 5 bids, 400k highest bid, 50k lowest.  We should sell our TPs for 125k so I took the 100k bid.  People are surely going to keep raising the price but I say, 125k a TP.  If you think you can sell them for more that's you, but if I hear of anyone selling their TPs for that much I will give the person who sold it a free TP.

The Reaper of _Death is Done (*-*)

>> Top Stories
Not So Bad Afterall

Henchlings, that's right HENCHLINGS, have been found helping out around Urbanville. They've been doing everything from random training sessions for players to sweeping the moon.  Keeping pigeons off of rooftops and helping some plumbers in the streets to fix a small water leak.  Running the Disco isn't a walk in the park either.  When I interviewed one I got this answer, "Do good?  We not do good.  We evil.  I not help not evil people. WAIT DONT STEP ON FLOWERS!  I WORK ON FLOWERS HARD FOR...I mean...EVIL!!! I EVIL!!!!"  I think we should all take a second and thank the henchlings. Under that crusty exterior, they're not so bad afterall.