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Issue 153

Apr 6, 2011

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>> Editorials
Join The Villains!

Join The Villains!

*You walk down a dark alleyway, covered in muck, grime and is very dark. Out of the other end of the alleyway is the Villains area of Urbanvillain. Henchlings, Villainous Urbs and Goatfist causing havoc and producing plans to destroy Urbanvillan.* Yes, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to the Villains HQ! - The Ministry of Darkness. We are the most powerful disposition in all of Urbanvillain. We are recruiting members to join us, to help cause mayhem and havoc to all! There are two tiers in the Villains. The first, which is the lowest is the Minions, - Evil villains, this is where you will train, learn and become EVIL! The highest is the MoD (Ministry of Darkness), which you will eventually be promoted to.

Now If you would like to join this prestigious group, apply now at this link:

It will be great to see you join the dark side.


Hot Prop

Many urbaniacs get tons of props everyday, but who is the most liked person in Urbanville? Become a celebrity by joining and winning the Prop Tournament! The first ever tournament already started and it won't finish until April 30th. All you need to do is gram me and I will write you down (you can sign up even though the tournament isn't over yet), then all you have to do is wait until the 1st of the month to start getting props.
Here's how it all works; only the top 16 will be part of the tournament. So there will be a qualifier round. Heres the time frame for a month:

Qualification Round: 10 days. The 1st -10th
Round of 16: 8 days. The 10th - 18th
Semi-Finals: 6 days. The 18th - 24th
Finals: 6 days. the 24th - 30th

This tournament offers the biggest prizes and rewards in Urbanville! Mayor_DaMan and I talked and he will provide items and I will provide a mountain of Urbos just for getting props! So Gram me at any time and I will put you in the next available tournament.

April Urbstrology

Mercury is retrograde until April 22nd which usually means we're in for Murphy's Law x 10! Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and delays will be frequent and frustrating. Don't make any major purchases during this time. That Wonder Waterfall at Synjen's Crib Joint looks great now, but will end up costing you a fortune in plumbing repairs!

It's a good time for looking inward and reflecting on your true identity. We often get caught up in our alter egos and lose touch with who we really are! It's bound to be a confusing time, so jot down all your inspirational revelations, but don't take any action until after the 22nd.

Although new action isn't advisable before the 22nd, taking care of old business is encouraged. Clean out that lair, you dirty hoarders!

Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 9th and lasts until September 16th. During this time, you should evaluate all the changes you've made in the last six months. For some of you, your changes looked something like this:

Beatnik, Villain, Vigilante, Hero, Vigilante, Nomad...

Get a hold of yourself! It's time to look in the mirror and see the You who has emerged from all that change.

Since Capricorn is the sign associated with government, there will likely be changes afoot. No, the Mayor isn't going anywhere. You may not see him, but he's watching over us. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good... he's a stealthy stalker, for goodness sake!

Back to the point; it's no time for a revolution of the Villains, or for some corporation disguised as Fair Trade coffee farmers to take over the Beatniks. Enhancing existing structures will be highly beneficial, so support the organizations and programs already in place. They are doing a good job and will be even better with some help and participation.

Perhaps we can reinvent ourselves for a better Urbanville. Sounds like a neighborhood revitalization project! Fill our Forums with fun and conversation, our Chronicles with articles and stories, and our Gallery with art, beautiful art!

Although the New Moon Power Day on the 3rd has already passed at the time of publication, it's not too late to give energy to your wishes for the month. Write down no more than 10 things you'd like to have happen in your life. Since it's the month of Aries, focus on the theme of action, independence and courage.

Sample Wishes:
1. I want courage to fill me during my Kelvin/Sparky battles. Even as they are taking turns drowning and electrocuting me!

2. I want to happily take action to reach my goals (of amassing a hoard of sidekicks and making the high score in Vicious Flip Out.)

Join The Heroes!

New to Urbanville? Looking for a snazzy dispo? Join the heroes!

We have lots of fun activities coming up, like hero-only roleplaying threads, hero newbie aid, weekly contests and much more!

When you join the heroes you'll start off as an SHA member. With hero-like behavior and being an active Urb you can advance to become an HA member.

If you have any questions, Urbogram Euphyllia. To join, go here:

>> Top Stories
Dont Walk The Streets Alone

Recently, many Urbaniacs have been assaulted viciously while walking the streets of Urbanville. Our latest victim is IllDev, While walking down 10th Street, a group of Henchlings jumped out from rooftops leaving Dev surrounded by a mass of evil Henchs.

Dev tried to fight them off, but the numbers were against Dev. He is currently being treated in Urbanville General Hospital. Doctor's say that Dev will make a very fast recovery but he will need extensive rehabilitation. So Urbanville authorities discourage anyone from walking alone until further notice. It's going to take something stronger than the Heroes and Vigilantes, It's just a matter of time before things really start getting out of control.

Take Care,

Special Guest

It is rumored that a big celebrity, probably one from Wedgie Toss, will be visiting Urbanville sometime this month. Some say it may be Snooki from the Jersey Shore, others think it's Donald Trump! My bet is that the celebrity coming will be Michelle Obama or Charlie Sheen, former Two and a Half Men cast member. Keep your eyes open because the celebrity doesn't plan on saying when and where he or she will be.

Some people say that Urbanville is so small that it doesn't make sense that a big celebrity will visit without having their popularity level drop dramatically. While we wait and see if these rumors are true, have a wonder Easter!