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Issue 150

Aug 30, 2009

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>> Editorials
August 30, 2009

Masked Editor's avatar

If you haven't guessed, it's time for another Chronicles.  This is a special issue, dedicated to the candidates for Deputy Mayor.  This is a very important position so again I will stress the importance of voting for the best candidate.  Feh, I said it as simplistically as possible.  Hopefully you will listen and Urbanville will get the best candidate possible.  To add more flavor to the edition since two candidates decided to write what Scoop requested.  Good luck to the candidates.

To everyone else, enjoy the paper.  Love Child brings us another forecast for the month of September while Kingland will try to delight your senses with a heroic story.  Finally, to those who have not been paying attention, Scoop goes over the voting process for the Deputy Mayor, again.  I need aspirin, now.


The Masked Editor

P.S.  Good luck to the two candidates for Deputy Mayor.

>> Top Stories
The Deputy Mayor Elections

It's your boy, Scoop and I am here to hook y'all up with the voting rules once again!  Let's recap:

Voting will be done by sending me an Urbogram and since this is the land of multi-accounts, only one vote per account.  You can try but we will be keeping an eye on that!  The voting will take place on Monday, August 31, 2009 and won’t end until Friday, September 4, 2009.  The winner must not only have the most votes but that player must do so with 100+ votes!  That means if by Friday no one has over 100 votes, there will be another run off between the two candidates with the most votes.

So stop reading this and drop your Boy a message, TODAY!

Holla at your Boy!

Deputy Mayor Speech

D's speech

Deputy Mayor Speech

K's speech

>> Business
the new kiki and kingz

For information on the story so far, read mine and Kingz' lair. I wrote both stories, from different perspectives, so check them out (:

Story 1: The New Kiki And Kingz

Superhero in the making!
So, first day at the FBI, testing powers, you know. The usual…
Today was very weird.
I stood up and stretched. It was great to be up and going again. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and I was restless the entire time. I have no idea why they kept me in there for so long. I ran downstairs and grabbed a piece of toast, heading for the door.

“Where are you going? You need rest young lady!” my Mum shouted as my hand touched the handle.

“Oh, well. Haa, funny story, gotta meet Kingz, be back by 10pm, I’ve got money for food. Bye!” I said, closing my eyes and sighing as I pushed the door handle down.

“NO!” Mum shouted, touching my shoulder and stopping the door from opening. Suddenly, she screamed, taking a step back and clutching her hand. I’d subconsciously gotten angry, and it had sent electro waves through my body, shocking my mother when she touched my shoulder.

“What was that?!” she said, clutching her hand and staring at me, wild eyed.

“Static electricity, probably,” I replied, stepping outside and slamming the door behind me. I had to tell my Mum about this whole FBI thing sooner or later, but now wasn’t the time. I jogged down to Kingz house and sat on the wall outside, waiting for him. He came out 10 minutes later.

“My Mum didn’t want me to come out. I’m gonna have to tell her about this superhero thing soon, or I’ll never be allowed out again. I electro shocked her this morning. We need to learn to get these powers under control, or my family will be fried eggs before this weeks over!” I said, jogging alongside Kingz.

“I do NOT like fried eggs!” Kingz said, turning a sickly shade of green. We’d developed amazing stamina after the attack, jogging everywhere without even breaking a sweat. Jogging was much easier than public transport. Kingz was a lot faster than me though. He may have lost his hair, but it seems as if it had done wonders for his speed, his legs pumping along much faster than mine. I had to pick up my pace to keep up with him, but of course, I wasn’t going to be telling him that.

We arrived at our usual meeting spot, the park, but with different intentions. I jumped up onto the top of the swings (Kingz may have super speed, but I had developed all the abilities of a cat, stamina, the ability to jump high and far, and always land on my feet, hopefully the 9 lives too!), and leaped into a tree. Selecting a special branch, I pulled on it, and the see saw in the play park slid to the side. I dropped off the branch I’d pulled and me and Kingz jumped down the hole the see saw had revealed just before it closed over once more. Inside the laboratory, Kingz was working away on the treadmill. He was running at 180 miles per hour, and it was effortless for him. My max speed was, as the super computer had worked out, 75 miles per hour, without training and practice. Kingz had topped that and still seemed to be jogging. I’d moved onto a different room.

“We have figured out your super power. You are half cat, technically speaking. You can leap high into the air, you always land on your feet seemingly unscathed, you have uncanny cat like yellow eyes and amazing eyesight, the ability to produce claws on demand, but not metal claws. REAL claws, like a cats, but re - enforced. Stronger. This… is very strange. It’s all very strange. And -” I touched my upper lip, searching for hairs with a worried expression, “No,” the scientist added with a chuckle, “ You don’t have whiskers.”
I let my hands fall to the side and released my claws. Mannequins, stuffed toys, brick walls, bags of sand. All waited, lying on the floor around me, to be destroyed. To see what my special claws could do. I’d aced the climbing course, tried my hand at running, completed an eye test, and now we were seeing what my most lethal weapon could do. 5 minutes later, bricks and sand, plastic and toy stuffing lay mingled together on the floor like a disastrous cake mix, and I was sat in amongst the mess, picking the stuffing from under my claws. “Wow,” the scientist said, walking me back to the main lab were Kingz was still on the treadmill, hooked up to the main computer and whistling as he ran 310 miles per hour.

“That was insane. Incredible. Remarkable. Amazing. Superhuman!” he said, grinning like a mad man. “They can break through anything! Tomorrow, we can try metals. Everything we can think of!” his eyes lit up at the thought as he checked Kingz pulse.

My eyes weren’t lit up. My eyes were dull. Dull at the thought of telling my parents all this. Dull at the thought of them not letting me continue. Dull at the thought of having to leave home if it came to that.


>> Comics

September is a good time to look inward and reevaluate the events you've experienced throughout the year so far.  Mercury goes retrograde from the 6th to the 29th.  Before you wail in despair over that dreaded aspect, take some time to reflect on the significant changes that have happened over the summer.

From the 6th to the 17th, while Mercury is in Libra, examine whether you relate to people in ways that strengthen your self-respect or if you feel oppressed by their authority.  The most obvious example of this in Urbanville can be found in the Villain's circle.  Many non-Family or new Family members often find themselves stifled by the older Family members' insistence on sticking to the established status quo.  After a certain point, seniority trumping merit can be discouraging for sane people.  However, change is happening around us and the key is to set a clearly defined goal.  Taking slow and steady steps toward that goal will bring rewards in the long run.

Throughout the month, Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces which gives us a feeling of Stop/Go!  We will experience a strong inclination to pursue our dreams, yet there will be opposition from outside sources.  Don't let others dampen your creative spirit!  Instead, use their practical concerns and arguments to strengthen your strategy for achieving your goals.

Let's say that you want the strongest Kelvin body in Urbanville, but you've only been here for two weeks and don't have any resources.  On top of that, school just started, your little brother wants to take over the computer, and you have a weekend job.

Have no fear!  Throughout September and October, Saturn trines and Uranus sextiles the North Node in Capricorn.  This will help us resolve conflict by taking charge and methodically working toward our goals.  It may be helpful to write down your dreams along with the challenges facing them.

Let's get back to that Kelvin body.  You are going to need to spend a good amount of time in Urbanville in order to achieve the strongest Kelvin body in town.  With school, work, and a computer-hungry brother, this can be a problem.  However, if you work out a schedule and present it in an attractive way to your sibling you'll be in business.  For instance, offer him computer time after school and on weekend days.  Then use that time for homework and your job.  In the evenings, he can do homework or have TV time while you earn urbos and training passes in assaults.  You can spend some of that weekend job paycheck on cash items to trade for urbos and tps as well.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to find a trained Kelvin body in the Swap Meet or Pawn Shop.  Even if you have to purchase a new body at Lunar's, though, you can still reach your goal with daily training and using all the training passes you can get a hold of.  And remember, the Swap Meet and Battle Arena aren't the only places you can find tps.  Many players hold contests where you can earn extra tps, so check out the Forums regularly.

From the 5th to the 20th, Venus in Leo opposes Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.  This is a great time to have fun, be idealistic, and strengthen ties with friends.

There will be a damper on our energy levels while the Sun conjoins Saturn in Virgo from the 10th to the 22nd.  The best remedy for this lack of energy is to get extra sleep!  While sleeping, you can connect with your inner consciousness which helps to realign your life in a way that is truer to yourself.  In a waking state, it's difficult to accomplish this since we experience so much conditioned thinking, even to the point of brain-washing, as can frequently be found in the Hustle Alliance.  The group mentality can be a comforting thing, but not at the expense of your individual identity.  So heroes especially should set an early bedtime or schedule a nap in the afternoons.

Mercury moves into Virgo on the 17th where it will remain until the 29th.  This is an excellent time to assess your talents and how they can best be utilized in the job market.  The time to hunt for work is after the 29th.  If you already have a job, take this opportunity to improve your relationships with co-workers and shoulder more responsibility.

This month's New Moon is on the 18th at 12:44pm U.S.T.  On that evening and during the day on the 19th, be sure to write down your New Moon Power Day wishes.  Since the New Moon will occur in Virgo, keep in mind the themes of health, organization and work. For example:

1.  I want to find myself organizing my lair happily and with ease.

2.  I want unhealthy eating habits lifted from me.  No more fruitcake cravings!

3.  I want to easily be more disciplined and productive at work (so Goatfist doesn't keep beating me.)