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Issue 149

Aug 23, 2009

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>> Editorials
August 23, 2009

Another Sunday, another Chronicles.  Welcome.  This week the Deputy Mayor election has just gotten serious.  Thanks to Scoop, the Deputy Mayor candidates now have their guidelines.  If you’ve already made up your mind, I suggest you reopen it.  Base your decision off of what you read and not popularity.

No matter how long we go without an issue the Chronicles are still alive.  Apparently my prediction about the radio stations have come true.  Feh, passing fad, good riddance.  Enjoy your paper.


The Masked Editor

>> Top Stories
Deputy Mayor

Yo!  This is your boy Scoop and I’m here with a  challenge for the Deputy Mayor Candidates.  Y’all may wonder why we’re starting the election so late, but from what a brotha can gather, those at City Hall figured that it’s best to start near that fall.  This way the candidates can politic to a bigger audience coming off of summer vacations.

But before ya start politicking, it’s time to address your constituents Chronicle style!  That’s right, on Sunday August 30, 2009 the Chronicles has decided to put out an elections paper.  In this paper, all of the Deputy Mayor candidates will address the city.  Now this is where the hard work begins!  You will need to answer the question, “Why I would be the funkiest Deputy Mayor of all time?”  In addition, you will need to lay out all your qualifications.  Yea, a brotha knows that you’ve started this in the forums, but now you’ll need something fresh and hot for the Chronicles.  You will have until 12 am Eastern Standard Time on Friday, August 28, 2009 to get those articles in and as ol’ Masky told me, make sure that your English is bumpin’ because little man gets cranky when he has to spend a lot of time editing stuff.

Yo, if your articles aren’t in by Friday, you will automatically be disqualified.  Why?  Cuz if a candidate can’t make a deadline then why should they have the right to be Deputy Mayor.  Ira needs someone dependable so get to writing, ya heard!

Voting will be done by sending me an Urbogram and since this is the land of multi-accounts, only one vote per account.  You can try but we will be keeping an eye on that!  The voting will take place on Monday, August 31, 2009 and won’t end until Friday, September 4, 2009.  The winner must not only have the most votes but that player must do so with 100+ votes!  That means if by Friday no one has over 100 votes, there will be another run off between the two candidates with the most votes.

That means it’s time to start your campaigns and trust a brotha, it’s going to take more than just a post in the forum, for realz!

You have been challenged Deputy Mayor candidates, if you choose to accept this challenge let a brotha know!  Send me an Urbogram.

It’s about to get real up in here!  Welcome to the 2009 Deputy Mayor elections!

Holla at your Boy!


>> Business
Disappearing Love_Child!

Urbanville was without a certain element this month that made it seem a little less funky. It went without someone who keeps us entertained constantly. It went without Love!

This mysterious cycle happens every year once or twice. It's called LoveisgoneforamonthandIgetREALLYsad-bernation. Love was sent wondering the Solar System looking for something. What was that something?

The rumor going around is that there is a giant bar of dark chocolate floating around in the Solar System after a tragic accident at a candy shop. Supposedly it is a 10 ton bar of chocolaty goodness waiting to be eaten and discovered.

While searching for this bar of gracious goodies Love got thrown into a few things and couldn't make it back to Urb! But she is back now, but she will still be looking for that delicious delicacy.

This is True_Villainy,

Signing off

The Family

It has been a long time coming and although many people knew it already, I refused to accept it.

The Family was, and quite possibly still is, the dominant force here in Urbanvillain. I am proud to be a Villain, prouder still to be a Family man and even prouderer (yes I know)  to have been in charge of such an illustrious organization.

However due to recent events, my beliefs are coinciding with the likes of Crimson King and J Trane.

I know in my heart I can not take The Family any further, nor can I sustain it at its current level. So I am stepping down, accepting defeat, letting the Family thrive or perish without my guidance. I have failed you Maggot, for deep down I know...

The Family is dead.



The Tp Craze

Ok so I had a comment, "mental and crazy" that’s what I got called for selling my tps to whoever bided the lowest price on them... So a 10+ could be sold for 1 urbo! I guess that is a bit crazy but my point was that why sell a tp when you just get them for free? I also tried getting tps at a lower price so I offered 60k, which I would say is a fair price and I had a few who accepted and many who rejected. Yet, I only got dissed 3 times, by one Urb. This Urb [who will remain nameless] said that was a very low offer. So I thought I would see what he would accept, I went up to 90k and still it got rejected, his asking price was 135k for a might +5.

I do see both points of view:

Seller’s point – You make good urbos, you can get rich quick, your stats can rise by buying better gear/bodies, basically by selling tps at 140k per a +5 you can become a millionaire in a day. This can be good, you get good gear, amazing stats and you get noticed through Urb.  So it works out good for you!  But what about the buyer?

Buyer’s Point – If they are new they don’t know that they are buying a FREE item for 140k+ so in my terms I would say they are getting ripped off. All Tps are FREE yes you can buy them off other people yet where did they get it from…A battle.  I know many Urbs wouldn’t want to waste their hard earned urbos on a FREE item…Would you?

There are many crazy buyers out there paying 200k for a +5 tp. Two of them placed a bid on my tp which I was selling for the lowest price, I rejected then sent them a gram. The gram said, “I am trying to get tp prices down, will you help? I know you are a main buyer of tps and if you bid 100k max on a 5+ I know the tp prices can change.” Then I also asked, “Could you ask other Urbs who you know to only bid 100k max on a tp?” They both agreed and now only offer 100k max per a +5 tp. Although I do feel that 100k is still allot for a 5+ tp, if you lower prices bit by bit... They might go down to a reasonable price for a FREE item!

The problem with trying to lower tp prices is that tps are an always in demand item. So if an item is more in demand the price will go up and up. You can go around it by saying have more tps put into battles...But then again you are getting extra stats so maybe they should really be reduced.  Or should there be a price gap put on them where you only can buy them from a shop? Or the most dramatic, get rid of them and only contests should be allowed to give them away? Tp prices ARE getting stupid, wouldn’t you like to buy them cheaper and at a more reasonable price?

Iso has tried this before but then 2 months later I think everyone just forgot or didn’t care for what Iso was trying to do... Lower tp prices.

So why not? Bid 100k max for a +5, double for a +10 and 3x for a 15+ :D

Kingz B.D.I.B :D