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Issue 130

Aug 3, 2008

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Good Morning URBANVILLIAN!!!!!!!!

In light of the three month old UrboWars, many of us are focusing on the dispositions of other players. We notice when they change quickly at the final minutes of the month (shame on you), but more noticeable have been the ones that don't switch to the winning dispo. and remain there.

Their battle cry is B.D.I.B., which apparently if you partake of enough of their herbs you tend to believe. The Beatnik population has surged in recent weeks with some long standing Urbanites, many who were confirmed villains. Being the evil villain I am I needed some strong answers as to why this was happening. I knew that any change in my dispo. would never be trusted, so I gathered the info in an impromptu gathering of recently "beret'd" villains.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed for the safety of those involved, not too much though. *evil giggle*

I started out by asking why the switch, there was a collective sigh as if this question had been answered over and over. For the most part everyone was tired of the drama. Is villainy drama free? Apparently we have had an excess of histrionics as of late. Ok, I can buy that one. I am a little fed up too.

A certain seasonal chick related her change in dispo to the surge of her creative flow, taking her from evil to beatnikness. She also made it clear when her side called to unite, she came back to evil, and we kicked tail, nuff said.

The man we love to visit with his host is the most vibe just needed a break; evil deeds were wearing the man down. A hiatus was in order. So evil on holiday, I can dig. Overworked evil loses its funk. Drink a cold one for me; need help with the sun block? *winks*

Then there was the little English rose who can raise my temper with a single keystroke. Young QueensAcre, she has always been one of the most outspoken villains, always ready for a fight, especially amongst her own kind. Apparently the intensity has gotten to her, the drag of winning and lack of fun was sucking the funk right out of her. She is hoping the fun and funk come back to the Family, but isn't going to stick around to help find it. Have fun with the "effortlessly cool" beatniks.

Lastly we come to the man, the mystery, the, yeah, um not sure. I'll just call him L. You can associate your own word with that letter. Once the force that changed the Family, he championed the election of the previous VVL, then placed into a powerful position of the elite Triad, the enforcers of the Family, now a hiccup in the creative Beatnik world. Led by a vision of change and a certain someone who he won't disclose (my bet is on BAB), he left his evil world and is starting the groundwork for a bright future. While his plans were sketchy, his details minute; it seems he is hoping to "basically divide the power of the dispos, and not force people who have different ideals into the same group". His hopes of a site that doesn't rely so heavily on older players may seem far fetched, as the old players seem to be the backbone of the site. As per his usual style, he wants to help make something and then walk away when it's in place, thus relieving him of any responsibility to its success or inevitable failure.

While most of the recent defectors of the villain dispo. still claim their loyalty lies with the Family, time will only tell. Perhaps the dawn of a new day in villainy will bring these wandering evil spirits home.


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Posting in Forums (Part 2)
#8. If you have a question look through the forums for answers. Most have been asked and already answered. You can save yourself some time and pick up a few good ideas by going through the other threads.
#9. If you don't know the answer to a posted problem or can not contribute anything intelligent or helpful don't post in that thread
#10 If you get an error message take time to write it down. There is a thread in the Mayors forum to post error messages, “Ask DaMan about Urbaniacs”. You don’t have to start a forum for it. Also you can send the errors to Elsid or Debug.
#11. If a forum hasn’t been posted in for a few weeks, it’s dead. Don’t post in it, hoping it will come back to life.
#12. Take the time to trim up your follow ups. You don’t have to quote the entire message previous to yours. To make your point across only put information that is necessary. Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, they can. A good rule of thumb is, don't include more quoted text than your new text.
#13. Do not cross post. If you make a forum in one area no need to go to another area and create the same thing.
#14. If you start a new forum make sure to clearly identify your subject matter. This will help people know if they want to read it or not. Placing words like hey, yo, or dude will not get the reaction you’re looking for.
#15 Staff members have the final say in everything. What you say doesn’t always mean that you are right. Don’t be a hater just because things don’t go your way. This is an awesome site and they work hard to keep it funky, the way the Mayor created it.
#16. If you feel that an error was made, or an oversight send a message to an administrators or a mod. Do not post complaints about their decision in the forums.
#17. There are a set of rules to be followed and you should read the T&C’s to understand them. If the administrator feels that a user has broken the rules too many times, they will issue the user a private warning. It is not for your benefit to create a forum asking questions about it. If you don’t understand your warning send a message to an administrator. They can explain it to you.
If it becomes necessary they might have to take further action. This can be anything from locking your account, to deleting and or banning you from the site. Each decision is usually on a case by case situation.
If a player is sincere and apologetic you might have more of a chance on not getting banned permanently. The main interest is a peaceful solution to problems that occur.

Foul language and rude behavior will not be tolerated. Even though we have adults on this site it is geared towards children. If you are caught warnings will be sent by the administrators. They know all and see all, even when you don’t see them

We want you to enjoy yourselves while on Urbaniacs. Just remember to try and conduct yourselves accordingly. Let's keep this site funky while supporting our forums.
Rap Battle Results

The first round is over, it's done, time is up
I'm here to announce the round 2 for the cup
Most Urbs tried and approached it with class
Others didn't listen and passed rhymes like gas

Congrats go to those cats who made this round
Time for a handshake, some dap, and a pound
But before you relax, remember there's round 2
And that shiny lil trophy that y'all want to persue

If ya dropped a rhyme and ya didn't earn a place
Don't feel down or hang your head in disgrace
Pick those spirits up, and prepare for the next time
The more you practice the more rhymes are sublime

If your name is one of the funky four who crossed the line
Dust off those microphones, the bling, for it's time to shine
Make sure that rap 'A' game is lean, mean and hardcore
Ya gotta impress my Bro and me to get a high score

With no further adieu I will name all the funky winners
Who will serve up final rhymes like a 3 course dinner
No offense fellas, but the male code says "Ladies First"
Love Child's rap about Dzhelasi had quenched our thirst

Second to the spotlight, he's a Urb's Rap Battle vet
DudeMan's rhyme of "Soul" and "y'all" we won't forget
Third in our rap lineup is the current winning emcee
Fro_Shizzle's smooth rap was about the MoF, Affy

Last but not least, this one is the site's nerdy neophyte
Poindexter's rhyme about MrA was funky, fresh, and tight
Lookin' for more information on the Battle's final theme
Stop by UrbAid, and listen to a UrboCast by a duo supreme!

( - Check out the UrboCast Weekend Roundup on the first page!)
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Is Urb Just a Game? is a PBBG or Persistent Browesr Based Game. So it is a game, and we can verify that.

But do we put an emotional charge into our characters to the point that they almost become real? I think the answer to this is yes, some people do. And some keep their personal lives off the site as much as possible. While others put way too much info about themselves into the site, and thus leave themselves exposed for attack.

But we are sure that Urbaniacs is a game. If you are one of the ones that put out too much information, I can only say, don't take it that serious. People think I get mad on this site, and I know that I've smacked around a few people, and I am willing to trade shots with anyone... but it is all in fun for me. So if you come up with some good slams on me, don't fear a diss. Expect a prop. Now if you bring me garbage, expect it to be shoved back down your throat... but after I win, it won't be held against you.

I play a lot of Urb, but there is a lot of life on the outside. I know we all have family, friends, commitments and lives outside Urb. If all goes well in my life, I will be seriously restricted in playing time coming up. (Unless Elsid can make a Urb version for a blackberry, LOL) But that is what happens to a GAME, you come to a place in your life where you have to put it down.

So don't let this site get to you in an adverse way. If you find yourself getting mad at me or any other Urb, you are putting too much emotion into this site, and if you get your feelings hurt it is your fault for taking this so serious. Just let it go!


Nurb Off - BDIB!

(And this was wrote for all of Urb, so if you think it was about you, HA! Get over yourself. I don't have that kind of hate for anyone.)
Puncherjoe: Family Ties
Interviewer: Please State your Alter Ego.

Puncherjoe: Puncherjoe. PJ If you go for nicknames.

IN: No need for nicknames, sir...Now, for the matter at hand. My Bosses have felt it essential to...Interview you.

PJ: This is why I’m here. So ask away, Flat Top.

IN: Sir, Please Refrain from commenting about my head in any way.

PJ: Awww, Sorry bout that. You seem stiff. The lady at home giving ya trouble?

IN: What are your "Super" Powers?

PJ: Yeah, ignore MY question entirely. Let's see... Super Strength...Heightened Intelligence...I'm able to shoot electricity from my hands, though I choose to fire 'em from my thumbs. Formerly, I had the power to clone myself. A real icebreaker at parties, and recently, I acquired the power to make people bawk like a chicken…Yeah, my powers in a nutshell.

IN: Why are you a Hero?

PJ: Because it's the right thing to do. There's nothing better than saving someone and getting that "Thank You". Honestly it feels great, and me being me I can't do bad...well nothing horrible at least. My Conscience eats away at me when I do.

IN: So, why did you become a villain?

PJ: Heard about that huh? Well two simple reasons. Reason 1): Ego. I felt I went to The Family. I thought that I was being pushed around in the HA so I pushed my way out. Not the best way to leave anywhere, but that’s how I did things back then. Very bluntly and inconsiderate of others. I was a jerk. Reason 2): I always wanted to see how villains acted. Being a Hero for so long, you start to wonder.

IN: What can you tell us about PuncherMoe?

PJ: Moe….He’s vile. He really, truly is. I...fear him. Only person I can say that without a doubt. He has no moral guidelines. He’ll beat a 12 year old if it makes him feel better and he has. If I didn’t have my powers, I wouldn’t be here before you….Bones, pride, and respect, all things broken that night.

*Slams fist on table*

And then… there’s his ego. He thinks the world belongs to him...And in a sense, it does.

IN: H-H-How does it belong to him?

PJ: One of his many, many powers is to control the Earth, itself. I’ve seen him do some amazing things with that power & awful things.

IN: Speaking of his powers, our files on them seem...seem to be incomplete. Why do you think that is Sir?

PJ: I KNOW your files are incomplete because Moe is constantly gaining new powers. Ya see, Moe originally had my powers, but got rid of them for some new Rocky, Fly-ie powers. He kept the Strength, which I know because He threw me through a wall. Then he got an armor which gave him invulnerability, upgraded that to amp up his powers, and upgraded it again to include some snazzy Fire, Ice, Wind, AND Electric Powers. If you ask me, Moe will never be happy with what he has. Has to be commitment issues

IN: What can you tell us about PuncherMoe Jr.?

PJ: He’s a good Kid. Why do you need to know?

IN: That’s all you can tell us?

PJ: He’s a good Kid. A great Hero. And a better person than his father. Now, why do you need to know? And if you don’t answer me, I can show you why they call me Puncher.

IN: No need to get upset, Sir.

PJ: You bring up my brother; have me tell you some information on me, then him. Now you try and bring up Junior, and you expect me to give you a file on him? I’m going to be upset.

IN: Actually, Sir...We have a file on him. We just needed you to clear some things up.

PJ: Who exactly do you work for?

IN: The Government, Sir.

PJ: Which government? What Branch?

IN: I’m sorry Sir, but that’s on a strictly Need to know basis, and my Bosses feel that you don’t need to know…Just yet anyway.

PJ: Need to know, huh? Well, excuse me but I have lives to save.

IN: The door’s right there, Sir. The door’s right there.