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Issue 128

Jun 29, 2008

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>> Top Stories
Who's Who?
What is a Who's Who? Who gets nominated? Whoa, a lot of questions.

Who's Who, as some may recall is a collection of people from a group of people that are important or something. I was nominated several times in high school and thought it was just to sell an over priced leather bound book that is basically a printed Certificate of Achievement/Participation.

From those torrid beginnings, I thought of a way to represent some of the best Urbs on the site.

It isn't a popularity contest. It is basically the first 100 that people write 500 characters about. There is no voting. There is no time limit. It will be recorded as the W's. W. 2008 for Urbaniacs.

So what are you waiting for? You need to go nominate someone who is worth it. Please read through the list and don't duplicate nominations. There are no elaborate prizes, just a chance to give back to the Urbs who make Urbaniacs fun.
Interview Time! - Surfer Chick
As I walked up the pink paving stones leading to Surfey's hideout, I couldn't help but wonder, why not the Java Hut? Less fluffy. Less pink! I reached the door and pressed the fluffy buzzer. The fuchsia door creaked open and I stepped inside. The walls were pink, the floors were pink. Heck, she even pink tinted windows! I spotted the "Pink Princess" herself, sat on a high stool. She patted the seat next to her, and I made my way towards her. I made myself comfy on a high stool (you guessed it, pink), sipped my pink lemonade and shuddered. I decided I'd start the interview;

Me: Nice, uhm, pad Surfey. Ready to start the interview?

Surfey: Okies!

Me: Ok cool :P Now, my first question is this.
As many in Urbanville know, Afro_Chic is your mother. However, given the opportunity, is there anyone in Urbanville you would adopt, and why?

Surfey: Ummm no, do I look old enough to be a mother? XD Plus there's barely anyone younger than me on the site!

Me: Ok, let's just, imagine that you're old enough, ok? So anyone at all, yours for the picking. :)

Surfey: I dunno I don't really want to be a mother yet though... I like having people take care of me, not the other way around ^^

Me: Yea, I agree. :D Ok then, my next question is from J_Trane. He wants to know if you can really spell?

Surfey: Ummmm nope, well I misspell some things on purpose but I type fast and I don't really bother to correct it.(NOTE: THIS INTERVIEW HAS BEEN EDITED FOR THE MASKED_EDITOR'S SAKE)

Me: Maybe you should. :S OK, onto the next question. What is your favourite NEW feature here on Urbaniacs?

Surfey: Ummmmm I like umm OTUS the best because it's a great way for new Urbs to get a good boost in battles.

Me: Good answer! Our next question is from Love Child. She wants to know if you can tell us any of DaMan's secrets. You must know loads!

Surfey: :P I cant tell you any sorries, but most of my secrets are just about new thingies coming out, and I only know about it a few days or weeks before anyone else knows, so technically everyone will know all the secrets in time. :P

Me: Well can I ask this. Why do you get to know the secrets before the rest of Urbanville? :D

Surfey: because I'm me :P Plus it's not just me it's almost all of the MODs too :P

Me: Ok. :) What's your favourite forum here on Urbaniacs?

Surfey: I like the role playing one the best because it's always the most fun out of all of the forums. ^^ You see all your friends there and there is always something happening.

Me: Maybe not at the moment. :S Well, let's wrap this up with one last question from Kingz... *looks around the lair* I agree, why pink?!?

Surfey: Because pink is the best color ever! It's a happy color and a cute color. It's only for girls, and it looks nice on everything! :P

Me: What if you saw a boy in pink then?

Surfey: MMmmm I dunno I'd ask him why hes wearing pink. XD

Me: I see. :P Well, it’s been good getting to know you, Surfey!

I stood up and made my way towards the exit, Surfey watching my every move. Sheesh, I wasn’t planning on stealing anything! The butler in a pink suit (he looked rather unhappy) closed the door behind me. I smiled and made my way to the pink limo Surfey had waiting to drive me to any destination. It had been fun.

Next week, I’ll be interviewing Dudeman! So watch this space! ;)
New Urbs Speak Out

Since there have many changes going on in Urbs I will be doing interviews with assorted new Urbaniacs. I recently decided to sit down and pull Poindexter into my office.

Poindexter walks in and takes a seat.

Summers: Morning Poindexter. Thank you for taking the time to come do this interview with me.

Poindexter: It is my pleasure.

Summers: Can you explain how you came upon the Urbaniacs website?

Poindexter: It was truly by accident that I stumbled upon this place, it was after watching a "B" Movie marathon. I was exhausted and I was looking for another website but I managed to spell it wrong.

Summers: How did you come up with your characters name?

Poindexter: Poindexter was my nickname in high school, unlike most movies that you see today or even in the past my comrades chose this name out of respect. I was proud to know that they respected the amount of knowledge enclosed in my cranium. Heh.

Summers: Wow that is nice way to get a nickname.

Is there a reason you choose your characters body?

Poindexter: No, I created this body by chance; it was all aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

Summers: What is your favorite part of the site?

Poindexter: I am horribly addicted to the forums because I am able to interact with the entire site and learn.

Summers: What has kept your interested in Urbaniacs?

Poindexter: There are a minute sample of members who have reached out to me especially during my times of peril, I must praise them for keeping me on this site.

Summers: Do you have any hints or tips for new players joining Urbaniacs?

Poindexter: If your character doesn't fit into the Urbaniacs standards, you should not be quick to conform. I was informed that everyone has a place in Urbaniacs but some of us have a harder time being accepted. Stay true to yourself and eventually you'll find people who appreciate you and what you can bring to the site. If everyone on Urbaniacs were the same, this site would lack excitement.

Summers: Well put! Not everyone on Urbs has to jump into a mold and become like others.

Can you tell me what your favorite forum is and why?

Poindexter: I haven't been here long enough to have a favorite, maybe I will one day, but as of right now I don't see that as a possibility.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come do this interview. It is a real pleasure having new Urbs like you in town. I can’t wait to see you a couple of months down the road, to see where you were to where you will be then.
>> Business
The Funk Chronicles

Click the picture to see the actual size
>> Editorials
Does anyone remember the older, simpler times of Urbanville?

Well I promise you that 50% of readers will not be reading past that last sentence. Why? Because they've heard it all before. They're tired of our nostalgia.

And we can hardly blame them. I can't tell you how many times in the past few months I've read posts/articles/etc. on how people miss the earlier days! But I have one simple, brutally honest statement to make:

Get over it.

The past is the past, and things may not be the same any more... but they're funky. And thats really what its all about. As long as we've got the funk, we don't need anything else.

"But Shade! Times used to be sooooo much better!"

Well, to that I say we must all do our part to make RIGHT NOW as funky as possible. A cliche phrase comes to mind; live each moment like it was your last.

Instead of fitting the present into the mold of the past, let us simply use the past to help pave a better future.

Maybe then we shall have an even funkier Urbanville.
>> Politics
Hustle Alliance: Never Give up.
I’ll keep this short & to the point. Hey, big speeches have never been my style.

In my lifetime, I've seen many things. Some good, most bad. Though, I can say that one constant remains in all that I've seen. Good never gives up. Beaten, battered, bruised, and it never stops. Ever. As heroes, we're Champions of Truth, Justice & everything good, so we can never stop, ever. No matter the odds, be it 1 vs. 1000, we keep fighting. Even if our brains tell us to stop, our hearts tell us to keep going. As cliché as that sounds, it's true. Win, lose or draw, we keep going. Look at me. My first week here, I mouthed off & got challenged to a massacre by Soul_Corruptor, but I didn't back down. I accepted & was predictably beaten. I didn't care. I proved a point. As a hero, I will never, ever, back down. No matter the odds. In a world tailored to villains, we survive & keep fighting. You can give us all you got and we'll take it, dish it back, and get ready for the next fight.

We’re Heroes & we can never truly be beaten. You see...what you villains fail to understand, or most of you anyway, is that it will be the same old story, a fight for pride & glory, a case of do or die. The world will always have Heroes, as time goes by.