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Issue 127

Jun 14, 2008

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>> Top Stories
Kiddies and the Internet
(Thank you Mayor for bringing this article to my attention)

How does the internet affect children between the ages of 6 and 12? Professor David Gauntlett and Lizzie Jackson from the University of Westminster believe that the internet helps children rehearse real life situations in a comfortable place. They also believe that the internet is more engaging than watching television. They came to this conclusion after interviewing a group of children ages 6-12 who tested the BBC's Adventure Rock Virtual World. The children who used the site learned social skills and were able to created various identities to experiment with, which is very difficult to do in real life. Children also use the internet to measure their lives and status by comparing it to others. What does this mean?

Involving kids on the internet at an early (under strict supervision, of course) will help them cope with the real world. As I read this article, I began to wonder about how Urbaniacs helps our younger members cope with the real world. What social aspects are they learning from us? We never signed up to be role models but if you're actively posting in the forums, you are!

Are you proud of what you're teaching today's youth?

To find out more about this article, you can visit Web worlds 'useful' for children.
Good Ole Days in Urbanville
I decided to take a walk down to the Newbies Forum and check things out. It made me start thinking back to how things were when I first started here. After reading through that, I went out and read through a bunch of other forums.

Do you remember the first day you joined? Do you remember just how nervous you were about the forums? Can you remember how welcomed you felt? I sure do. I had a friend of mine introduce me to this site. He talked up how much fun this is for both children and adults. Well, one day I joined Urbaniacs to see what it was all about. He talked me through a lot and took the time to show me how equip gear. I remember all of the Urbs getting together and propping me up to 100 just so I could join in assaults. Even when I was nervous about the first time posting in the forums, older Urbs made me feel welcomed. Then I grew, became strong, and stayed with Urb. I even allowed my children to join and have fun. I made myself a personal pledge to be there and help other newbies who joined the site.

As time went on I watched others join Urb and get involved in the forums. I watched, although not silently, as Urbs blasted them in the forums just because they have their own style. I'm not happy with what I see. To be honest I'm quite ashamed at some of you Urbs. Yes, even I have made mistakes. I'm quick to fix them and apologize. I think it is time everyone take a step back and examine yourselves. We've lost something along the way and it's ruining all the hard efforts being put into making this site better. I know if it were me running the show, I'd stop the improvements until I saw change. You need to remember; Urbaniacs was created for people to keeps things funky and fun.

We can't grow and become better if we go after those who are weak and attack them. The new players here are trying to find a place to have fun. I just wonder how many we will lose in the process of others being so quick to make them feel unwanted. So what do you all say? Seriously it's time to take a breather and to start making others feel welcomed. They may not fit into your mold but hey, they are here to stay so there is no use in fighting with them.
>> Business
The Funk Chronicles

Click the picture to see the actual size
>> Editorials
Urbanville: What It Means to Me
Citizens and Denizens of Urbanville, I want to talk a bit on the subject of our fair city. Rather I want to talk about what our fair city means to me. Urbaniacs is the one site on the internet that I check without fail. Why? Because a part of me lives and thrives in this site. I am not so immersed that if it was taken away that I would die, but I am immersed to the point that I have met some great friends. Even my real life little brother still finds ways to annoy me on this site; but as he has grown up, and is almost as tall as me, and as strong as me. But here I am still the Bigger Brother.

Three years this site has been around. There are hundreds of stories and mini-drama causing forums that have formed our history. I would wager that there is more history in the three years of Urbanville, than there are in any city across the globe. People have come, and some have gone. But the ones that stay, they keep coming back to this place because of its potential. There are so many distractions in Real life that I could be doing, but I am online with Urbanville. It doesn't always makes sense, but it is always fun because it is just a game.

Now the Wars have started and things are still being worked out. It will be a good thing. If you want to win, right now you have to recruit. And I don't mean recruit the newbs as they come in, no I mean recruit your friends and family to experience Urbanville. Send them an email, talk about what Urbanville can to offer them. This site has a history of huge improvements.

I stumbled upon a website a few weeks back that I shared with the Old Dogs. It showed the many incantations of Urbaniacs. It was amazing the progress that has been made thus far. And this site is only going to get better with time.

But I love to see new faces around every corner. In the immediate future, I would love to see a place where New Players are escorted around Urb with Beginner Guides (people, not words). I would also like to see a Gallery full of Artwork and Flash Films and YouTube full of user generated content about Urbaniacs. Finally, fresh call outs, smack downs, and comebacks in the Forums along with everyone having a great time.

But I have to face facts, I can't draw, I already exhausted my list of friends to get referrals, and I am to the point of bribing people to keep the Forums active. I need your help, please. I don't want a bunch of Urbograms saying that you are going to do something, take that time to just do it. I love that so many people and so much talent all finds its way to our site, and now I encourage you to use it for the good of Urbaniacs!
>> Comics
Stick It: MOD Misery
Kingz's jokes!
Last time in the Chronicles I asked at the end for any Urb to send in their jokes!

I have had a few back and have rated them 1-5 (1 is the best 5 is the worst).

Here are the jokes!

In last place Sykick!
The_Crimson_Bullet takes a girl out on a first date. He drives them to a remote and romantic spot outside the city, puts his arms around her and says, "Well, what do you know... We're out of gas!"
The girl then opens her purse and pulls out a bottle.
"Cool, is this wine?" The_Crimson_Bullet asks.
"No," she answers. "It's gasoline".

In 4th place Dudeman!
What do you call a dead hero in a closet?
Hide and seek champion of 2004

In 3rd place NightTiger!
Two cannibals are feasting on a clown.
One looks up at the other and says
"Does this taste funny to you?"

In 2nd place __danz__!
There’s Was Two Goldfish in a Tank One Said to the Other Do U Know How to Drive This Thing !

In 1st place BroncoDBTj!!!!

One Day I was sitting on the bus and a guy came in. He had a really long nose and he was sniffing a lot so I said, "Why don’t you blow your nose, mate?"

He replied, "Why don’t you, you’re the closest."

Congrats Bronco! Your prize is.....50,000 urbos!!!!

If you have a joke that you'd like to share with Urbanville send me an urbogram with your joke!
Next time you might win a tp or some gear!