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Issue 124

Apr 28, 2008

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>> Editorials
Greeting New Members
Dear Members of Urbanville,

As the new official greeter of Urbaniacs I would like to as you all to help me keep Urb a better place for all the new girls and guys here. The new players are the future of Urb and should be welcomed and guided around Urb. I try my best each day to send them out welcoming messages but I cant get everyone and some need more attention then just me. Basically all I'm asking is for each Urb to put in 5 minutes a day and welcome a new Urb or invite them to an assault. Just make them feel welcome here so they will stay. Thanks a lot for your help everyone!

Urb On!

Surfer_Chick, Surfey, Surfette, Mija, Coppie, and Roxy (all my nick names :P)
>> Top Stories
Hey New People!

Let me give you some simple hints to help make your stay a little more pleasant.

1. Don't go pulling the shirt tails of every elite member asking for a handout. This will likely never increase your prop count beyond the single digits.

2. If you have beef with someone, use an urbogram. If this beef is with an old player, be prepared for some serious noise. You never know who has who's back in this city. And some players will verbally eviscerated you without blinking an eye.

3. Your idea is great, but look for a mentor to help you get it going. More than likely, we've seen it before and know what not to do, if you want it to succeed.

4. Don't name drop if you don't really know the person. So if I am in an assault with you, we are not the greatest buds from the ol' skool! There are only a few people that know me that well. More than likely it isn't you.

5. So if you see a different character then the usual, this person is probably an administrator. It is best not to say something mean about their mom. That is if you value the items in your inventory.

6. There are more choices than the H.A. and The Great Family, but those two are the big ones.

7. Never be shy to ask anyone about anything. One step further, don't be shy! This is a Funky place, come and enjoy it!

Any more questions please direct to one of my P.A.'s for further insight.
ATTENTION ATTENTION: The First Annual Urbaniacs Joke-a-thon!

Wanna win a tidy prize of Urbos or juicy TPs for it?

The Urbo Joke-a-thon is the place to bring those funky creative minds and make our illustrious panel of judges laugh. Now here's the kicker,

all jokes must be Urb-themed. Anything goes as long as it's within ToC decency. Wanna make fun of your favorite Urbaniac? Wanna bring a knock knock joke about GoatFist? Got an joke about how many beatniks it takes to change a lightbulb? That's the stuff we're talkin' about!

Kinda like the funky rap battles, but you gotta make 'em laugh (or groan in Mr.A's case).

The first round will start Monday, April 28th, and finish Monday May 5th at 11:59pm Urb time! The top three contenders will have a sudden laugh to death round immediately after that.

What? You need examples already?

*Mr.A shouts from the other room*

"Why does my favorite albino gorilla Tempest have big nostrils?

.............Because he has big fingers!"
*Rim shot from Affy*

Get your Urbofunny bone in gear! These prizes are not to be sneezed at (Tempest).

****from the minds of Sircool and Mr.A*********

Gamers' Nation
I created a radio station located at the forums called Gamers' Nation. Gamers Nation was created because I saw no radio stations that talk about Video Games so that's how I created Gamers Nation. Gamers Nation is solely dedicated for video games and the gaming world in general. I have daily segments like: Game of the Day, GN Radio News Network, Whats Happening in the Gaming World, Made by Japan, Only Available Overseas, and Around the Gaming Net. So please post your thoughts on the gaming world on Gamers' Nation. our slogan "The Only Video Game Radio Station.

So what do you think?
The Funk Chronicles

Click the picture to see the actual size.
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Stick It!: Urbanville or Asylum?