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Issue 122

Mar 30, 2008

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>> Top Stories
April Funks Day Rap Battle...
Guess what!? It is Rap Battle time. DaMan and I have been talking about this, and the finals are taking place in the CHAT! Thats right, you better have the freshest rhymes, because you could be called out with nothing to say. And left Speechless in a rap battles is well BAD NEWS.

The first round is on Tuesday, and you only have 24 hours to beat your opponent. The more the crowd loves you, the further you go.

The finals are Prime time on April 1st, 8PM UST... best bring your best lines.

The Chat is going to be packed, 2 contestants, 3 judges and up to 15 people to watch...

So are you done for this or are you chicken?

Nurb to the URB!
>> Editorials
About 3 months ago, word was being spread that "walk and talk" was in the works.

So many people jumped and danced, saying they couldn't wait, and it was just what this place needs!

Now it is here!



You wanted it. Use it!

I can be in there for 2 hours and see no one.

However, sometimes I go in there, and soon, someone else enters, and then another, and then Chat turns into a magic place where time flies by because you are having so much fun.

Races, jokes, singing, barb slinging, people having a riot!
Head in there, stick around for a bit, get into it. You'll enjoy it!
>> Comics
Kelvin's Koolness Kwiz

Are you KOOL? Take my kwiz and find out for SURE!

Question One:
Are you half goat?

Question Two:
Does your name have "Henchling", "Goat" or "Kelvin" in it?

Question Three:
Do you hate Heroes?

Question Four:
Do you hate wanna-be, non-goat Villains?

Question Five:
Do you hate Vigilantes?

Question Six:
Do you hate Beatniks?

Question Seven:
Do you hate Nomads?

Question Eight:
Do you hate MORONS who kan't make up their mind?

Question Nine:
Do you beat EVERYONE?

Question Ten:
Do all the ladies want you?

Bonus Question:
Do you say "Look what I found!" and then destroy Soul Corruptor with a missile, to the shock and delight of all those watching?

Kalkulating your Koolness Skore:
For every "Yes" answer, give yourself one point.
For every "No", subtract 8,467 points (except for the Bonus point).

10 out of 10: SUPER-KOOL! You're as KOOL as HENCHLING KELVIN!
0: You kan't decide so you must be a MORON! Negative one-million koolness skore!

-8,467 to -84,669: You're UNKOOL! Super-STUPID!

-84,670: You're so UNKOOL that you suck the KOOL out of everyone around you! Go bury yourself ten kilometers from Goatville, surrounded with "Unkool!" warning signs!
Stick It!

Click the comic to see the full size!
>> Business
Quiz the Urb

Which Urbaniacs character are you? Who resembles you the most? Which Urbaniac character can you relate to the most? If you don't know, Love_Child asks you to take her quiz! That's right, take the quiz! After a short amount of questions, I found out that I was a Sassy Jungle Kitty! Well are you surprised?! MeeeeOW! *winks*

So take the quiz and put it up on your MySpace/Facebook pages or even your website! Oh and don't forget to send Love_Child a link to your page!

Which Urbaniac Are You?

You are Sassy Jungle Kitty! You are a mysterious jungle queen, master of all the jungle fighting styles, able to communicate with animals, possessor of the agility and quick cunning that makes you nearly impervious! Water could be your downfall though, as you don't know how to swim and quite afraid of the water! *** Check out all the Urbaniacs characters at, then mix and match to make your very own! Battle, chat and play funkadelic games in this unique online community!
Take this quiz!

Don't forget to spread the Urb and to...

Keep it Funky!

The Mistress of Funk
Urbanville's New Chain
Downtown Urbanville has witnessed the formation of a new chain in the city. Could it be a fast food chain or a big iron chain like they have at the docks? No, it's an upgrade chain masterminded by that hip beat legend, our very own Whiskey!

Needless to say, creating a chain of this nature is not an easy task. But the results are well worth it! Gumgumbearz got rocket boot-sters and work-it pants from Taker 500, RaphielDrake got a Cape'o licious from Mantis, Dark_Ranger gave opyum a weapon upgrade to a Mr. Mace, The_Outlaw outfitted stepith with a bunch of gear including the Swagger Dagger (nice!), and Gamerman received an Urbo Gato from Dark_Ranger. And that's just what was posted in the revised topic for this project!

Way to go, Whiskey! And way to go all you upgraders! Many a new player is thankful for your generosity. I for one, am inspired to keep the chain going by giving and more giving. Thanks to all of you for setting the example.
Affy's Big Homey Program Underway
As fun as it is to explore Urbanville solo, it's also nice to have a Big Homey looking out for you and showing you the ropes. That person for me was Soul_Corruptor and he made a big difference in my urb experience with his advice and friendship.

The Affster, Mistress of Funk, a.k.a. Afro_Chic set up an awesome contest to help other newbies find their own Big Homey. Or should I say, it helps Big Homeys find Lil homeys... er, you know what I mean. At any rate, it's a great way to help our new members feel more at home in Urbanville, make sure they're having fun and earning those training passes! Oh yeah!

The contestants are competing for a set of Fly Wings. FLY WINGS! The best Big Homey (decided by way polling the new homeys) will receive this awesome and limited edition prize! And the contestants are:

I was going to say something about each of the 27 contestants; how they're all awesome, active, supportive members of our community, but goodness there are 27 of them! So you'll have to be content with a list of these good people. Heheh. They are in no particular order: goddess_de_nocturne, summers, Elanore_666, Skryker, aq1993, IllDev, jefflarose, La_Tea_Cha, __kingz__, Muckquaiker, Die_or_eat_Italian, MrAnderson, Zerowun, Black_Mage, manutd, Supersyco1, Isomaniac, J_Trane, Puncherjoe, Kingsland, rockin_richard, diddoe, CrimsonKing, Black_Raven_, Soul_Corruptor, Afro_Chic, and Love_Child (that's me!)

Now the contest may be closed, and the contestants locked in, but don't let that stop YOU from becoming a Big Homey to all (or some of) the newbies in need, that are streaming into Urbanville non-stop. There are great friendships to be made and a lot of fun to be had. Become a Big Homey today! ^_^