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Issue 121

Mar 9, 2008

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Important Message
Yo ‘Ville!

Apparently there’s been news of suckas goin’ around pretending to be administrators. Yo, if a strange person approaches you and asks ya for your password or asks you to be a MOD then report them to the real administrators, aight? For real, if an administrator is going to approach you, they will do it with their own account, yo, they don’t need to be hidin’ behind some new persona. So yo, keep your passwords and your personal info to yourselves!

Holla at your boy!

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RHW vs. P.A.
"The Mayor has Surfer_Chick, and Mr. A has A_C. So I have determined that I need a P.A. as well."

With the recent search for personal assistants, I see that I need to correct a few misconceptions. Most of you know that I am MrAnderson's Right Hand Woman, or RHW. What most people seem to over look is he is my Left Hand Man, or LHM. We did that on purpose to represent a partnership. Those nicknames outlived the H.A.'s Ma and Pa created by my Sister in Sass, Love_Child. There's no dominant in this relationship. There have been times when I needed to step up in my LHM’s absence and other times when I needed a break, causing him to step up in my absence. For you business minded people, the RHW/LHM relationship is equivalent to co-CEO's. Sometimes, when a job is overwhelming, it is often divided. One CEO will handle the out house issues like meeting with clients, closing deals, looking over the contracts whereas the other CEO might handle the employees as well as other in house issues.

Now, let's compare that to a Personal Assistant or a P.A. A P.A. assists in their boss' day to day endeavors. If the P.A. is having a bad day or is unable to finish their work on time, they are in danger of being replaced by another P.A. If MrA’s RHW decides to stop being his RHW, then MrA isn’t going to be a happy camper. *smiles* That would be breaking up a powerful team that many have tried to disassemble but couldn't, that some have tried to duplicate but couldn't hold a candle to the amount of respect that we have for one another. Above all titles, LHM, RHW, Ma, or Pa, MrA is my best friend...

How many P.A.'s can say that about their boss? Finally, MrA doesn’t pay me any wages. He didn’t hire me. One day he was like, "Hey you’re cool. Together we could whip this place into shape." I said, "All right."

I hope everyone understands the difference. I'm not even going to get into the fact that most of the P.A.'s are females. What’s up with that? Are the men the ONLY ones who are important or did the world drift back to the 50’s while I was asleep?

But I digress...

Keep it Funky!

The Mistress of Funk
>> Business
Reporters Needed
This putrid planet is made up of lazy people. Those who can’t think for themselves. People who like to be entertained, without the work. Is Urbanville filled with these people?

I’m looking for a staff. There is no payment. You will receive credit. This is enough if you love this place as much as you claim. Love is overrated, but some of your nincompoops throw that word around like a Nerf ball.

I would like a rep from each disposition. This rep will be responsible for reporting their group’s accomplishments. That’s right, propaganda. In addition to that, if you once had a recurring article, I invite you to come back. You’ll never hear me say that again. Take a screen shot.

If you want more out of something, support it. It will grow. Without support, Chronicles issues will slowly dwindle.

If you don’t care, neither will I. If you do care, contact me for further details.


The Masked Editor
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Gear for the Gearless
Gear for the Gearless Ad