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Issue 115

Feb 19, 2008

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>> Top Stories
Funked Up? Continued
So you have the Villains fighting to the end, to keep control of “Urbanvillain”. What happens when they continue to keep control? Oh yeah, now I remember. Lets see what I wrote here, you know there is only so much info you can type up. Ooops got sidetracked back to what happens. You get the Vigilantes, Heroes, Beatniks, and Nomads joining forces to help each other out. This is how it works in the world of Urbanville. Well, now you know of course they are gonna join forces to take out the trash. What else is one to do when you have it hanging all over the place. To the Villains it looks like they are just too much to handle. Hahaha, that’s alright they think they are tough and only time will show who rules this town. You know they are only going to be there for a few second to re-group and come right back out fighting to the hilt.

Now back to the question I was to answer, where did all the funk go? It’s been right here all along. The Mayor has the major funk and he has Elsid who pumps us all up. There is the Mistress of Funk working round the clock. Then you have Juicy who stepped out of her normal boundary to put up some funk. There is DarkAng3L and LoveChild who are always having competitions to keep this site funky and alive, in the forums. Then there is diddoe and his undying faith in the Vigilanties and continuous encouragement to those who are new. Oh my can he make a women’s heart ache. You have Mr. Anderson who is at the helm of the Hero’s always there for those of need. I’ll even say we have a few Villains working hard to keep it funky. Let’s see you Mantis and his never ending words of sarcasm he throws out. Then of course, the well known Cold_Blooded, heheh he just can’t let a forum go without spitting out fire. Then you have Kali_Maa wow she can take her words and use them in such an evil/funky way. You also have goddess in her awesome way of always coming to a Villains rescue. Then you have the notorious GoatFist, he shows up and the Villains are in trouble for one thing or another.

Of course you can take a stroll on down to the role playing forum and find a lot of places to have fun. There is Crazy and her vampire clan who is really nice to get to know, even though they like to bite. There are loads of rp stories being played with a lot of funk. You have the Vikings and the Pirates constantly in battle. You have newbies who have an area to get to know the ropes of the game.

And so, I now work to redefine the battle field and work at keeping it funky. Because really, after all that is what this site is all about.
Yearbook Time!

In case you guys forgot, I'm here to remember you IT'S TIME TO VOTE. What do you mean, vote what? Let's go from the beginning, shall we?

These are the rules. Now, all you need to do is vote vote vote on your homies. Make sure you send your votes here:


Let's take a short review through our categories:

King and Queen of Propping

King and Queen of Dissing

King and Queen of Forums

King and Queen of Drama

King and Queen of Heroes

King and Queen of Villains

King and Queen of Beatniks

King and Queen of Vigilantes

King and Queen of Nomads


Best Avatar

Best Visual Artist

Best Alter Ego Name

Best Rapper

Best UrboPod

Most Friendly

Most Grumpy

Most Humorous

Most Sinister

Most Mysterious

Biggest Begger


Favorite Weapon

Favorite Sidekick

Favorite Game

Favorite Section of the Forums


>> Editorials
Vigilantes? Friend or Foe?

Vigilantes? What is up with them? First they think they are all high and mighty. All of a sudden, half of them quit, or disappear and the other half turns villain. What is up with that? SO far we have busted some of the vigilantes, supposedly "undercover". We never trusted them with the good juicy details anyways so they think they got all this information from us, when they got NOTHING!!! There are still some former vigilantes in the LOS trying to prove themselves worthy as not being undercover and actually sincere about becoming villain. Well they should know they are under close watch and one slip-up and they are out. The villains are taking no bull right now. We are the best and to stay that way, we can't have LOS members slipping up and giving us villains a bad name. We are only as strong as our weakest link, therefore, we have no weakest links. To be in The Family, you have to be the best. So, beware, all you flip flopping former fence sitters, go out there and do something, or you can go over to the HA and get your head fitted for your very own customized helmet.


Writer's with Attitudes?

I didn't realize the Urb Chronicle writers were covered by the WGA strike be honest I was a little shocked  when I logged in today and saw that not only will my tv season suck but there will be no relief in the chronicles either.

Well maybe it's time we all got back to nature and found something old school to do with ourselves.  Anyone wanna start a fire with 2 sticks? We can pretend we're on SURVIVOR (although I suggest nobody tries Richards' nekid booty thing.. this is a child friendly site and you'd probably get scolded;) )

Perhaps it's just me...


Keeping Up with Urbanville

Here is a problem that most Urbaniacs run into at some point or another, and I am having my own difficulties with it now. People say New York is the city that never sleeps, but this is even more true with Urbanville.

Urbanville has thousands of members, and few come from the same place. This means that there could be users from ANY timezone across the world! Plus, people have different schedules. Even within a timezone, there are those that get on in the afternoons, and those insomniacs who play all night. I have never known there to be a time that there wasn't at least 10 or so people marching around the city.

And although this is great, it makes it kind of hard to keep up. With all these different schedules, how does your tight schedule fit in? When you can only get on about 15 minutes every day, it is hard to stay active on a site that is alive 24 hours a day. With all these forum topics, urbograms, and chronicles post, who has time for it all?

Well, not many. The people that do have time end up being a huge influence on Urbanville, leaving the others in the dust. For example, last summer when I was out of school, it was easy for me to keep up. That was when I started becoming a more reputable figure in this town. Now, however, school is in session and harder than ever. I just can't keep up anymore, and as my posts become fewer and farther between, so does my influence. I go back to where I was last school year when barely anyone knew my name and even less thought highly of me.

And, of course, that isn't all we have to keep up with. How about these knew updates? Alongside all of the days new posts come all of the sites funky new updates. I love these updates(especially the new Chronicles), but it also makes Urbanville a little bit more complex than before. I will catch up at some point, but right now it is kind of leaving me in the dust.

So, what do we do about this? Honestly, I don't know. Right now, I just do all I can to stay in touch with Urbanville and not lose my grip. I am doing a better job than I did last year, when I gave up completely on the site. Maybe I have a little bit more inspiration this time.

Just realize that not everyone can get on as often as you might be able to, so don't get impatient with your fellow Urbaniacs. And make sure they always feel at home, whether they are keeping up or not!

>> Business
Funkin' up the Cyberworld