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Virtual Games

Virtual games offer you the opportunity to battle friends, enemies and new acquaintances in a multi-player environment. While solo game-playing relegates you to playing against an automated computer, virtual online games allow you to interact with real people, making the games that much more fun. The social aspect goes far beyond just playing a live person too; if you’re in the right place, you’ll have the opportunity to chat up your players and opponents before, during and after your games.

Virtual Games at Urbaniacs

At Urbaniacs, we offer some pretty amazing virtual games for all our users. When you join our site, you have access to our entire virtual world. Urbanville is full of exciting surprises and adventures. You’ve got to be ready to battle at any time. You could be challenged to a fierce competition while you’re out exploring the town.

Our most serious virtual games take place in our Urbaniacs Battle Arena where up to eight Urbaniacs can war it out on the battleground. Get your game face ready because your opponents will be talking serious smack in the chat window. For more light-hearted games, try out some of our fresh takes on old-school favorites such as S’up Solitaire. Where else can you find a funky, gansta take on plain old Solitaire?

We even have virtual games that venture outside the traditional gaming realm. If you’ve got mad pen skills, slam out some lyrics in our Freestyle chat room. Found in our Forums section, you can share your poems, raps and song lyrics with fellow Urbaniacs. You can even gather a group of homies and congregate in the Crews chat room. At Urbaniacs, it’s the all-inclusive approach to virtual games.