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Teen Social Networking

With the ‘Net, there are so many opportunities for teen social networking but at Urbaniacs, we make it the most fun. Why opt for an average teen social networking site when you can combine it with role playing, awesome games and other detailed features? At Urbaniacs, you get to do all these things at once and be vastly entertained the entire time, thanks to our all-encompassing approach to teen social networking.

How Teen Social Networking Factors into Urbaniacs

When you enter Urbanville, you’ll find a bounty of options for social networking. In our highly active forums, you can interact with fellow teens, getting details on games, role playing and just about anything else. General conversations can be found in The Lounge chat room where anything goes while more focused convos happen in one of the many detailed chat rooms.

If you’re new to the site, hop into the Newbies chat room to learn the ins and outs of Urbanville. A solid second stop is the Bios chat room where you can share a bit about yourself. Be ready for some questions because people will be interested in your story.

Invite your friends to join our teen social networking site as well and you’ll soon be connected to all your homies. Make sure to mark them as your friends. Heck, you can even invite your enemies to join. They’ll be marked as your arch enemies so be prepared to challenge them to some battles. If you battle it out in the Urbaniacs Battle Arena, you can get your friends to back you up!