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Teen Games

Urbaniacs offer the ultimate in teen games, with our fully integrated, interactive universe. Our graphics are pretty sweet, thanks to the comic book feel you get from the entire world’s style. With rich colors and bold designs, Urbanville looks like a scene from your favorite comic book film, complete with Heroes and Villains.

Social Teen Games

At Urbaniacs, we’ve got some pretty cool teen games that you can play. There are solid fighting games such as GoatFist of Fury. In this fierce teen game, you battle GoatFist, the Evil Genius of Urbanville. This Villain is pure evil, and has been known to experiment with genetics to create wicked henchlings and flingos. Your mission is to take GoatFist out with your brutal fighting skills.

For more humorous teen games, check out Smell My Fart or Wedgie Toss. You’ve got to use your gas to protect you in Smell My Fart. You’ll be able to guard and then kill henchlings if you surround yourself with a gaseous layer. Even your mom would approve of this kind of farting! In Wedgie Toss, you can select your angle and the level of force, and then release a powerful wedgie.

While all the teen games are great, you’ll also love the social side of Urbaniacs. You can keep in touch with your friends via the forums, chat feature and battles. You’ll also get to meet tons of new friends by exploring Urbanville. It’s a social scene you don’t want to miss.