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Superhero Gear

In Urbanville, don稚 be surprised if you see characters that look like they just stepped out of your favorite comic book. With such stellar graphics and bold designs, you値l be seriously impressed with the superheroes and villains you see roaming the streets. Since we致e got a complete virtual world, the level of detail is pretty fierce.

Outfit Your Avatar in Superhero Gear

When you first join Urbaniacs, you値l have limited choices regarding avatar creation. You値l still get to make an avatar that is customized to your choices but you値l only have options to choose your avatar痴 head, body and legs. Your avatar will get a customized name based on the particular components you choose.

Over time, as you explore Urbanville and play more games, you値l have more features open up to you. You値l see additional body part choices as well as other pieces of superhero gear. Some options may just open up to you for free while you will have the opportunity to purchase others with Urbos. Remember, Urbos are the official currency of Urbanville.

Cool pieces of superhero gear you can acquire include body, arm, leg and back gear; pretty much all superheroes sport protective body armor. You値l also get to choose from neat superhero gear for your head and feet that can provide additional agility and protection. The coolest superhero gear items may just be the stellar shields and gadgets you can acquire. Since no superhero is complete without a trusty sidekick, you値l also have the chance to add one to your ensemble.