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Superhero Games

From Batman and Superman to Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, there’s no doubt that superheroes are crazy fun. If you’ve ever wished you could be a superhero, you’ve got to check out our awesome superhero games here at Urbaniacs. Our entire virtual world is like an animated comic book; superheroes are walking the streets of Urbanville at all hours of the day and night!

Role Playing Superhero Games

The best part about our superhero games is that you can actually transform into your superhero alter ego. While some Urbaniacs wish to embody Villains, Vigilantes, Beatniks or Nomads, you can choose to be a Hero. When you create your avatar, keep this in mind.

Unlike some other superhero games, we offer a whole superhero experience for you. Invite Villains to battle against you in Urbaniacs Battle Arena. You can choose to make your battles public or private. Remember that anyone can join a public battle, whereas one needs to be invited to participate in a private battle.

When they’re not busy squashing bad guys and restoring peace to the world, superheroes like to hang out with fellow good guys. That’s why you should head over to our Heroes Only chat room when you’re not battling for the good of mankind. In this chat room, you can lounge with fellow Heroes and discuss your bravery and superpowers. While other superhero games offer the basics, we’ve got you completely covered in Urbanville.