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Itís pretty awesome that you can combine gaming and social networking into one site, right? Thatís exactly what we did with Urbaniacs. Itís the perfect combination of a state-of-the-art social networking site and seriously entertaining games. Itís also the ultimate in role-playing as you take on your alter ego every time you play.

How to Meet People on Our Social Networking Site

Once you join Urbaniacs, youíll see that itís incredibly easy to meet people. Keep in mind that Urbaniacs is different than a standard social networking site in that you are role-playing when you enter. When youíre in Urbanville, youíre there as your alter egoóthat is the super-avatar you create when you join the site. You donít use your real name since youíre given a super cool avatar name, based on the components you choose.

The Forums are a great way to wet your feet on our social networking site. There are a ton of chat rooms from which to use but our Newbies lounge is a great place to start. You can ask questions about any aspect of Urbaniacs that isnít clear, or you can lurk for a while reading other posts.

After youíve put in some time at the Proving Grounds training facility, challenge some people in the Challenges chat room. A battle is a great way to get to know someone, particularly if you use the chat feature in the Urbaniacs Battle Arena. In addition, place some wagers on some games. Youíre only wagering with Urbos, Urbanvilleís form of currency, so you wonít be losing real-life money if you donít come out on top.