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Role Playing Games

Thanks to renowned role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, most people are familiar with the genre. Today, there are a wide variety of role playing games available. If you’ve ever wanted to transform into someone else, whether that be an all-powerful superhero or a devious villain, you should give role playing games a try.

Role Playing Games in Urbanville

At Urbaniacs, our online virtual world is known as Urbanville. This funky city comes complete with just about everything, from pawn shops and banks to cool hang-outs and battlegrounds. You can chat up fellow Urbaniacs on the streets of Urbanville or hop into full-blown debates on popular games or just about anything else in the loaded Forums.

As Urbanville offers the ultimate in role playing games, you’ll be embodying your alter ego ever time you enter the city. Your custom-made avatar will serve as your face to the Urbanville community so make sure to choose components that match your alter ego’s personality. If you want to change your components, you can also do so throughout the game. You’ll also gain more options for parts and accessories as you spend more time in Urbanville.

As with most role playing games, you’ll make both friends and enemies in Urbanville. When you meet someone new, you can label them accordingly as a friend or enemy. You can challenge both friends and enemies to battles; you just might be more motivated to squash your enemies!