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Play Free Online Games

Why pay for games when you can play free online games from the comfort of your own home? It used to be that free online games weren’t that great. Nowadays, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there is still a mass of very cool games that cost a bundle of money, you’ve got lots of options if you want to play free online games.

Play Free Online Games at Urbaniacs

At Urbaniacs, we feature lots of free online games that you can play. In fact, our entire virtual world is one big game that doesn’t cost you a dollar. You may find yourself spending Urbos when you’re in Urbanville—that is the traditional currency of the city—but that doesn’t cost you any real world money.

From the moment you enter Urbanville, you’ll see that this is one big game packed with ultimate fun. You can choose your friends and enemies, and offer appropriate Props or Disses to people you encounter. A Prop is given to show respect when you like someone while a Diss is given to show disrespect when you don’t like someone.

In addition to general battling, you can also play free online games by choosing any of the offerings in our Games section. From old-school card game classics to exclusive, entertaining games, we’ve got you covered when it comes to variety. Remember, you can earn Urbos, Urbanville’s currency, by wagering on games. Make those wagers and actually earn something while you play free online games!