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Online Teen Games

Teens need seriously cool games to play online, right? Sadly, a lot of online teen games just don’t cut it anymore. That’s why we here at Urbaniacs are happy to offer you the ultimate virtual world. It’s one of the most awesome platforms ever for teens. Not only does it provide amazing visuals and dangerously excellent characters, it’s completely interactive so you can be involved in every aspect of our world.

Complete Online Teen Games

Urbaniacs is different than other online teen games in that it’s a comic book world come to virtual life. We’re not talking okay graphics here; we’re talking detailed, colorful visuals. It’s seriously a treat for your eyes.

Next, we’ve got an entire cast of characters that just keeps on growing. This is because every user is a new character. When you sign up with us, you get to create your own tailor-made super-avatar. You’ll choose the head, body and legs your avatar has as well as your User ID that identifies you to other Urbaniacs. We’ll assign you a special avatar name that is generated as a result of the components you choose.

If you’re just used to standard online teen games, you’ll be impressed with everything you can do in Urbanville. From putting your own beats up on Boom Box Master to acquiring awesome new avatar gear at the city’s varied shops, you have so many entertaining activities from which to choose. The social scene is also huge. You’ll get to know, chat and talk smack to tons of other players that will become friends and arch enemies.