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Online Role Playing

When you’re in Urbanville, you’re never there as plain old you. Instead, you’re always there as your alter ego, also known as your avatar or secret identity. As your alter ego, you will undoubtedly make both friends and arch enemies. You’ll have to battle for your honor and demonstrate your super-cool fighting skills. Urbaniacs offers online role playing at its finest.

Get Started in Online Role Playing

If you’re wondering if online role playing is really that fun, you’ve got to give it a try. From the movement you start making your very own alter ego, you’ll be hooked. Online role playing gives you the chance to act out your coolest dreams. Who hasn’t wanted to be a superhero at some time? At Urbaniacs, you can make that happen.

When you first register with us here at Urbaniacs, you’ll be automatically taken to our Equip Interface where you’ll create your avatar. You’ll have a few options to choose from initially regarding your avatar’s head, body and legs. Over time, as you become more familiar with Urbanville, you’ll get additional choices to outfit and customize your avatar.

You’ll have tons of social networking opportunities in this online role playing world. Post in the forum to meet and interact with new and old friends. Get ready to talk smack on your arch enemies as well! Enter the Urbanville Battle Arena where you can battle fellow Urbaniacs. Make sure to use the chat feature while battling, and remember to interact as your alter ego!