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Online Gaming

At Urbaniacs, we take online gaming to a whole new level. So many online gaming sites cater to one particular game or a specific type of game. Whether it be shooting, adventure or action games, these sites still limit you to a particular subset. At Urbaniacs, you have an enormous amount of activities in which you can participate.

Online Gaming Offerings

First of all, we offer a solid amount of online games for you. From awesome fighting games like It’s a Bout Time and GoatFist of Fury to cool adventure games like Roof Ruckus and Kick It Ninja style, we’ve got you covered. If you do well in games, you’ll earn Urbos, Urbanville’s version of money, which you can then spend on gear and accessories at the many shops around the city.

Secondly, when you explore Urbanville, you’re experiencing online gaming at its finest. With seriously sophisticated graphics that look like a ferocious comic book come to virtual life, you won’t be disappointed in Urbanville’s visuals. In this online world, you have to be ready at all times. When you’re wandering the streets, you might find yourself faced with a battle challenge.

Ensure you’re ready for any call to action by training at Urbanville’s Proving Grounds. You’ll improve your stats and gain more superpowers with regular training. As a result, you’ll be better prepared to face Urbanville’s online gaming world.