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Online Arcade Games

Traditional arcades are still lots of fun but the Internet provides a mob of online arcades games from which to choose. While you can find individual online arcade games at a variety of different websites, you can also find them within Urbaniacs. Since Urbaniacs provides you with the ultimate interactive experience, it’s no surprise that we’ve got you covered in this realm as well.

This means you get to play online arcade games while still inhabiting Urbanville. When you play online arcade games within our world, you can earn Urbos. As the official currency of Urbanville, Urbos are incredibly valuable to you. You can use them to purchase funky gear and avatar parts from our various shops.

The Social Aspect of Online Arcade Games

It’s also more fun to play online arcade games with fellow gaming friends. Half the fun of winning is giving your friends a hard time about it. When you play games at Urbaniacs, you get to talk smack during most games, thanks to our instant messaging feature. You can also brag about your wins in one of our many forum chat rooms.

Kick It Ninja Style is similar to traditional online arcade games. Your goal is to make it through a variety of obstacles to get to your goal. You’ll have to jump over troublesome barriers and bob to avoid masked flingos. As you progress to higher levels, you’ll gain additional superpowers that will help you in your quest.