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Online Action Games

Online action games provide you with the thrill of solid action and the fun of battling actual people. While playing solo can be decent fun, it’s much more enjoyable to be dealing with other players. Since it’s so easy to connect with others via the Internet, online action games really allow you to experience the social side of gaming.

Online Action Games with Comic Book Flair

At Urbaniacs, we’ve got the funkiest superhero site out there. Complete with slick Heroes, raucous Villains and funkadelic Beatniks, the cast of characters that inhabit Urbanville is anything but ordinary. We’re more than just your basic online action game. We’re a wholly unique world that features just about everything you could want in an interactive universe.

Since you’re a fan of online action games, you should head to the Urbanville Battle Arena right away. In this turn-based battle game, you can war with other Urbaniacs. Remember, each member of the site is called an Urbaniac. Your Urbaniac, avatar and alter ego are all the same thing.

There are both public and private battles in the Urbaniacs Battle Arena. Public battles can be joined by anyone, at anytime. Since there can only be up to eight Urbaniacs per battle, you may have to wait your turn if the field’s already full. You have to be invited to join a private battle. If you want to battle privately but haven’t been invited to one, create a new private battle and invite others to join you.