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Multiplayer Online Games

Computer games are fun; we know that, right? But they can be pretty isolating. If you’re just playing solo, you can easily get lonely. The Internet changed the face of solo gaming by opening up the world of multiplayer online games. Thanks to the ‘Net, you can play against a variety of other players all over the world, at any time.

How We Utilize Multiplayer Online Games

At Urbaniacs, our entire cartoon world is built as a social network. We think that online gaming shouldn’t be isolating. It should be something you can do with your family and friends. It should also be a platform where you can meet new friends that share your interests. With the Web’s capabilities, these new friends can be located all over the globe.

Urbaniacs is stocked with multiplayer online games for you. The entire interactive world is its own multiplayer game. You’re never alone in Urbanville. There are always fellow avatars rambling through the streets, looking to play, battle and chill with you. If you want to play a particular game but can’t find someone to participate, head over to the Challenge chat room in the Forums. Throw a request out there and someone will undoubtedly be ready to hop into it with you.

When you play multiplayer online games, you get to embrace the social side of gaming. It’s not just about the game; it’s also about the banter and fun that goes into the pre- and post-game.