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Make Your Own Avatar

At Urbaniacs, every user has his or her own unique avatar. This is how other users know you when you are in Urbanville. Think of your avatar as your secret identity or alter ego. It’s fun to make your own avatar since you get to choose exactly how you look, and which superpowers you have.

How to Make Your Own Avatar

First of all, you’ve got to join Urbaniacs. Go to our homepage and click on the “Sign Up Now” link at the bottom. You’ll then need to choose a User ID. This is the handle that others will use to identify you. Have fun when you come up with your User ID. Remember, it’s your secret identity so don’t use your real name!

After you’ve set up your account, chosen your password and entered a few details about yourself, you’re ready to make your own avatar. You’ll automatically be taken to our Equip Interface. This is the one-stop-shop where you’ll make your own avatar.

At first, you’ll only be able to select the three main components that make up your avatar—your avatar’s legs, body and head. After you explore Urbanville and play games, you’ll have more features open up to you so you can further customize it. While you make your own avatar, feel free to mix and match components until you come up with a combo you like. It’s your alter ego so create someone that suits you!