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Kids' Websites

When it comes to kidsí websites, weíre proud that Urbaniacs is seriously fierce! Urbaniacs is an entire virtual world that looks like an incredibly detailed comic book come to life. You get to create your own super-avatar that will serve as your alter ego as you inhabit our interactive world. From stellar games to vastly entertaining features, youíll love the funky world of Urbanville.

Interactive Kidsí Websites

While there are tons of kidsí websites out there, few offer the ultimate, all-inclusive experience that we do. When you join Urbaniacs, you arenít limited to one type of game. You get to play any of our games, and participate in our complete social community. Youíll meet new friends via challenges, battles and games. Plus, you can really hash things out with them in our thorough forums.

You can invite your family members and friends to join Urbaniacs as well. If you already have friends from other kidsí websites, thereís a good chance theyíre already members of Urbanville. Oftentimes, people join Urbaniacs and discover people that they already know roaming the streets of our world.

Once you join, youíll get to create your own fully customizable avatar. This isnít just a basic avatar. Itís a super-avatar that will serve as your secret identity every time you enter Urbanville. Youíll use your avatar to play games, participate in challenges and manage your money. Thatís right, when you play games, you can earn Urbosóthe official currency of Urbanville. Whenever you wish, you can use your Urbos to purchase hip new gear for your avatar. Unlike many kidsí websites, this is a complete experience.