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Kids Online Games

Are you looking for kids’ online games that blow the roof off the competition? Look no further; Urbaniacs is just what you’re after. Urbaniacs is not like other kids’ online games. Instead, it’s an entire world, filled with an eclectic cast of characters, ranging from valiant Heroes to devious Villains. We don’t just see things in black and white though; our colorful world is also inhabited by artsy Beatniks, strong Vigilantes and wandering Nomads.

A Bunch of Options in Kids’ Online Games

There is so much going on in Urbanville that just roaming the streets is a game unto itself. You always have to be on your toes when you strut your stuff down Urbanville’s avenues. At any time, you can be challenged to a battle. Make sure you’re ready for one at all times by hitting the Proving Grounds, Urbanville’s training facility, daily.

If you want to play more traditional kids’ online games, you don’t have to exit our completely interactive universe. Instead, head on over to our Games section where you’ll find tons of classic and new kids’ games. Smell My Fart is one of our most popular kids’ online games. Your goal is to stay away from the henchlings; if you’re farting, you can kill them with your deadly gaseousness.

Another favorite amongst our kids’ online games is Wedgie Toss. You choose the angle and power behind the wedgie you’ll deliver. Kids love this game so much that we created Wedge Toss 2: Back in the Crack.