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Kids Games

While there are a glut of kids’ games available, both for free and purchase, it can be hard to find unique options. Oftentimes, kids bore of the same old games quickly. Though they may get a few weeks or even months of play out of it, you’re then left with a game that is never looked at again. This is not the case with Urbaniacs.

Our Universe versus Traditional Kids’ Games

At Urbaniacs, we provide much more than just kids’ games. We are home to Urbanville—our virtual world, filled with comic book-style streets and packed with funkadelic Heroes, Villains, Beatniks, Vigilantes and Nomads. When you enter our site, you get to create your own special avatar. This is your customizable super-avatar; you just choose the type of character you want to be.

Now, there are plenty of kids’ games to be played. Kids can improve their memory skills with fun games like Flip It. They can also test their guessing skills when they play Feelin’ Lucky Punk? or pump up their knowledge abilities by playing Trivia Royale.

Kids should train daily at Urbanville’s Proving Grounds, where they can beef up their avatar’s abilities. They can also earn Urbos, the currency of Urbanville, and then acquire new gear at some of the shops there. There is so much to do in Urbanville that your kids will say farewell to old-school kids’ games for good.