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Adventure Games - While there are a ton of adventure games available online, nothing compares to the awesome interactive world of Urbaniacs.

Alter Ego - Sometimes it's fun to pretend you are someone else, and that's exactly why online gaming can be so cool.

Animated Avatars - Animated avatars have taken online gaming to a whole new level.

Avatar Creator - At Urbaniacs, we have an awesome avatar creator in place so you can make your own alter ego in no time.

Avatar Game - An avatar game is different than traditional online games.

Avatar Icon - In Urbanville, your avatar icon allows people to identify you.

Avatar Maker - An avatar is your computer-generated representation of yourself.

Family Adventure Games - It can be hard to find games that the whole family likes, particularly if you've got kids of various ages.

Family Games - Family games go way beyond the realm of traditional board games, thanks to the bevy of awesome online games available.

Free Avatar - You now know that Urbaniacs is a completely awesome online world. You don't have to pay anything to inhabit our funky, cartoon world.

Free Computer Games - We're all familiar with old-school free computer games. From the basics most computers have, such as Solitaire and Minesweeper, to those you can play against others online, there is no shortage of computer games available.

Free Role Playing Game - Who doesn't love playing make-believe sometimes? Whether you want to embody the strength, ethics and agility of a Hero, or express your dark side as a Villain, you can have a blast role playing in Urbanville.

Free Web Games - If you're looking for fierce free web games, look no further than Urbaniacs. When you join Urbaniacs, you enter a virtual world unlike any other.

Free Websites for Kids - Today, it's hard to pull kids away from their computers. While you certainly want your kid to get outdoors each day, a lot can be learned from computer games and high-quality websites.

Gaming Forums - Half the fun of gaming is the incredible online community involved. While you undoubtedly have a blast playing your favorite games, you probably have just as much fun hashing out details of the games in online gaming forums.

Gaming Site - If you're looking for something different than your average gaming site, Urbaniacs is the site for you.

Interactive Games - Interactive games allow many more opportunities for entertainment than traditional computer games. Generally, interactive games allow you to play against others in the same game via the Internet.

Internet Games - At Urbaniacs, we're proud that our interactive, cartoon world is way different than run-of-the-mill Internet games.

Kids' Activities - Thanks to the 'Web, kids' activities have taken on a whole new definition. There are so many activities in which kids can participate online, you want to make sure that your child opts for those that are safe, educational and fun.

Kids' Games - At Urbaniacs, we provide much more than just kids' games. We are home to Urbanville—our virtual world, filled with comic book-style streets and packed with funkadelic Heroes, Villains, Beatniks, Vigilantes and Nomads.

Kids' Online Games - Are you looking for kids' online games that blow the roof off the competition? Look no further; Urbaniacs is just what you're after.

Kids' Websites - When it comes to kids' websites, we're proud that Urbaniacs is seriously fierce! Urbaniacs is an entire virtual world that looks like an incredibly detailed comic book come to life.

Make Yor Own Avatar - At Urbaniacs, every user has his or her own unique avatar. This is how other users know you when you are in Urbanville.

Multipayer Online Games - At Urbaniacs, our entire cartoon world is built as a social network. We think that online gaming shouldn't be isolating.

Online Action Games - Online action games provide you with the thrill of solid action and the fun of battling actual people.

Online Arcade Games - Traditional arcades are still lots of fun but the Internet provides a mob of online arcades games from which to choose.

Online Computer Games - If you've been feeling bored with the same old online computer games, you've landed at the right place. Here at Urbaniacs, we're about more than just games.

Online Gaming - At Urbaniacs, we take online gaming to a whole new level. So many online gaming sites cater to one particular game or a specific type of game.

Online Role Playing - When you're in Urbanville, you're never there as plain old you. Instead, you're always there as your alter ego, also known as your avatar or secret identity.

Online Teen Games - Urbaniacs is different than other online teen games in that it's a comic book world come to virtual life.

Play Free Online Games - Why pay for games when you can play free online games from the comfort of your own home?

Role Playing Games - Thanks to renowned role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, most people are familiar with the genre.

Social Gaming Network - With so many cool social networking sites out there, such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster, there's no reason why the gaming world shouldn't be in on it.

Social Networking Site - It's pretty awesome that you can combine gaming and social networking into one site, right? That's exactly what we did with Urbaniacs.

Superhero Games - From Batman and Superman to Spiderman and the Fantastic Four, there's no doubt that superheroes are crazy fun.

Superhero Gear - In Urbanville, don't be surprised if you see characters that look like they just stepped out of your favorite comic book.

Teen Games - Urbaniacs offer the ultimate in teen games, with our fully integrated, interactive universe.

Teen Social Networking - With the 'Net, there are so many opportunities for teen social networking but at Urbaniacs, we make it the most fun.

Virtual Games - Virtual games offer you the opportunity to battle friends, enemies and new acquaintances in a multi-player environment.

Comic Book Games - If you're looking for solid comic book games, Urbaniacs is pretty much the ultimate experience available.