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Internet Games

At Urbaniacs, we’re proud that our interactive, cartoon world is way different than run-of-the-mill Internet games. We didn’t just set out to be average. We wanted to be the best, and that’s why the world of Urbanville is full of seriously cool features, activities and entertainment.

How We Rock More than Other Internet Games

So, most Internet games are pretty narrowly focused, right? There’s a particular game that you play, and maybe they feature a message board where you can post questions and receive feedback from the site owner or other players. Well, Urbaniacs is thorough. How thorough? It’s an entire virtual world, complete with its own City Hall, shops and tons of alter egos. Urbanville even has its own currency—Urbos!

We have a huge amount of Internet games you can play at Urbaniacs. You’re guaranteed that everything in Urbanville is hip. We all love some classic games but we go for a fresh take on them. For example, we’ve got S’up Solitaire, Hi-Lo High Jinks and Tic Tac Yo! Plus, our new games are pretty awesome. Play one round of Wedgie Toss or Wedgie Toss 2: Back in the Crack, and you’ll be hooked for life.

It’s totally free to join Urbaniacs. Likewise, most of our Internet games are free too. Uh-oh, you’re thinking there’s a catch, right? Wrong! The games that cost something require that you pay in Urbos. You earn Urbos by playing games and you can discover them sometimes hidden in the streets of Urbanville. As a result, you never have to dish dollars out of your own pockets to play.