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Interactive Games

Interactive games allow many more opportunities for entertainment than traditional computer games. Generally, interactive games allow you to play against others in the same game via the Internet. Some interactive games require that you use a particular gaming console but not Urbaniacs. All you need is a computer to access our entire interactive world.

When You Want More than Just Interactive Games

At Urbaniacs, we love interactive games. That’s the basis of our entire virtual world; however, we didn’t stop there. Instead, we made Urbaniacs a completely interactive universe, complete with social networking, tons of entertaining activities and seriously cool graphics. The streets of Urbanville look just like a comic book movie; you’ll love our amazing graphics.

There is a horde of games you can play within our site, ranging from old-school classics to cutting-edge games. You can then experience interactive on a whole new level when you roam the streets of Urbanville. Re-connect with old friends and meet new ones as you run into them on the streets. If you’re feeling raucous, challenge some strangers to a battle to see who comes out on top.

We hold freestyle competitions where you can flex your floetry muscles. If you prefer the beat to the words, create your own for our Beat Blaster feature. You can use any sound editor you wish, and even add after-effects if you want. If you’re looking for more than just average interactive games, enter Urbanville. You’ll get much more than you could have imagined.