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Gaming Site

If youíre looking for something different than your average gaming site, Urbaniacs is the site for you. At Urbaniacs, youíll have a whole bunch of games you can play, ranging from new takes on old-school favorites such as Tic Tac Yo! and Síup Solitaire to awesomely fun new games like Wedgie Toss and Henchling Throttle. We add new games all the time too!

More than Simply a Gaming Site

When you join Urbaniacs, youíll enter Urbanville, a radical universe that looks like a virtual comic book. Youíll get to create your own customized avatar. Opt for a Hero who embodies superpowers for good or choose to be a Villain who schemes to take the good guys down! Itís up to you as you have full creation power of your avatar.

Urbaniacs is so much more than just a gaming site. Itís a viral social networking site as well. You can chat it up with other gamers in our many forums, practice your DJ skills at our Beat Blaster or use the Battle Interface to wail against your arch enemies.

The streets of Urbanville are full of neat things for you to do. Play games to earn Urbosóthe official currency of Urbanville. You can then buy new gear for your avatar at one of Urbanvilleís many shops. Donít feel like spending your hard-earned dough? Pop it into an interest-earning savings account at the Urbanville bank. Urbaniacs isnít just a gaming site; itís an entire interactive universe!