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Gaming Forums

Half the fun of gaming is the incredible online community involved. While you undoubtedly have a blast playing your favorite games, you probably have just as much fun hashing out details of the games in online gaming forums. At Urbaniacs, we know how important that experience is. That’s why we have some of the most robust gaming forums on the Web.

Types of Gaming Forums

While many gaming forums are just generic places to chat about one specific game or online gaming in general, we wanted to make things easier on you at Urbaniacs. As a result, we have tons of chat rooms dedicated to an incredible amount of topics. They’re all topics that users want to talk about, and you’ll see that our gaming forums are highly active.

If you just want to chat about gaming in general or the Urbaniacs world, head into The Lounge. You don’t even have to stick to the subject of gaming there; you can discuss anything you want. If you’re feeling rowdy and looking for some action, check out the Challenges chat room. You’ll have no problem evoking some challenges in this fierce room.

Those who have mad word skills must check out the Freestyle forum. Poetry, floetry and rap are all laid out in this literary realm. If you’re feeling conniving, our Villains Only chat room is for you. In it, you can plot and scheme with fellow villains. More angelic users will feel at home in our Heroes Only forum; no bad dudes allowed in there.