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Free Websites For Kids

Today, it’s hard to pull kids away from their computers. While you certainly want your kid to get outdoors each day, a lot can be learned from computer games and high-quality websites. While there are plenty of free websites for kids available, Urbaniacs is a site that both you and your child will love.

Free Websites for Kids That Are Educational and Fun

When your child enters Urbanville, he transforms himself into his groovy super-avatar. Each component of the avatar has special powers, ranked according to Might, Mojo, Health and Defense. Cognitive skills are required to create a super-avatar with the best combination of these important stats and powers.

While most free websites for kids are fairly elementary, Urbaniacs is anything but simplistic. Our funky, detailed graphics will impress you with their sophisticated designs and your kids will love the comic book-style characters and landscape. You and your kid can battle each other in a variety of games available. Our site offers an incredible range of activities that entertain players of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to being a blast, your kid can learn a lot in Urbanville. We feature a bank where users can deposit their Urbos, Urbanville’s official currency. Your kid can earn interest on her savings account and even invest her Urbos in CDs (not music discs but Certificates of Deposit!). How many free websites for kids offer that much learning potential in such a fun-packed manner?