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Free Web Games

If you’re looking for fierce free web games, look no further than Urbaniacs. When you join Urbaniacs, you enter a virtual world unlike any other. It’s as if your favorite comic book came to life in front of your eyes but you’re not just watching it; you’re actually IN it!

How We’re Different than Other Free Web Games

Urbaniacs is unlike other free web games out there in that we’re about much more than just games. Whereas most free web games offer only one thing to you, Urbaniacs is an entire interactive universe. You can roam the streets of Urbanville where you may run into friends or enemies that you can challenge to a battle. You can also enter one of the many shops and acquire new gear for your avatar.

If you’re feeling the beat, head over to the Freestyle Rap forum and demonstrate your skills. You can even challenge Mayor DaMan, Urbanville’s head honcho, to a freestyle challenge. Fair warning—he’s had lots of practice so he’s pretty good!

Game lovers don’t despair though—we’ve also got masses of games for you to play too. Most of our games are totally free to play while some require you to pay Urbos. What’s an Urbo? It’s the official currency of Urbanville. You can earn Urbos by playing games or find them at hidden events throughout Urbanville.