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You now know that Urbaniacs is a completely awesome online world. The best part? Itís totally free. You donít have to pay anything to inhabit our funky, cartoon world. Registration is completely free of charge, and you get your own free avatar as a result.

Create Your Own Free Avatar

Once you sign up with us here at, you will be directed to our Equip Interface where you can create your own free avatar. Youíll have tons of options for customizing your free avatar to look just how you want. At first, youíll only have a few options to build your avatar. Youíll be able to choose the head piece, body piece and legs that you want. There isnít any requirement for matching your avatar. You can have completely distinct components for each part of it.

Now, youíre ready to venture through the streets of Urbanville as your alter ego. Later, once youíve explored Urbanville a bit and played some of the radical games we have, youíll have more opportunities to customize your free avatar. You can add cool gadgets and shields to your avatar, making it more robust and even more ready for battles.

There is body, arm, head, back, leg and foot gear you can acquire to outfit your free avatar. In addition, you can even choose a sidekick who helps you out. Just like Batman has Robin, you can have your own special sidekick with you at all times!