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Family Games

Family games go way beyond the realm of traditional board games, thanks to the bevy of awesome online games available. Since there are so many questionable online games available, we here at Urbaniacs are proud that our site provides fiercely entertaining online gaming for the entire family. Our interactive social gaming network stands out amongst family games for its unique and all-around stellar features.

Taking Family Games Online

There is no question that kids love Urbaniacs. With funky superheroes and villains that roam the colorful streets of Urbanville, kids have a blast in this graphically detailed universe. Thanks to our refined designs and clever games, teens and adults also love to inhabit Urbanville. Since people of all ages love what we have to offer, it’s no surprise that your entire family will quickly get involved.

Each family member should create a unique avatar. You’ll have a blast seeing the avatars your family members come up with. Remember, that the different avatar components—head, body and legs—feature various power levels so watch the meters when you create your avatar. You can mix and match components to achieve the initial stats you want.

In addition to battling family members and challenging them to family games, you can also chat with them via our messaging feature. If you have family members that live far away, this is a great way to keep in touch in a fun, entertaining manner. Nothing keeps you bonded like warring in one of our online family games!