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Family Adventure Games

It can be hard to find games that the whole family likes, particularly if you’ve got kids of various ages. Thankfully, Urbaniacs offers the ultimate family adventure game for every member of your family. While our interactive community is funky and cool enough to keep kids and tweens interested, it also features sophisticated designs and witty games that teens and adults love.

Play Family Adventure Games Together

Traditionally, we don’t think of computer games as particularly social; however, the Internet drastically changed that. Urbaniacs is more than just an online game. It’s an entire social network. While there are plenty of family adventure games within Urbaniacs, you’ll also have the opportunity to chat with fellow players.

Urbaniacs will redefine family adventure games for you. You’ll be able to hop online and challenge your son to a battle in any of the many games available. You can choose whether you’d like it to be a friendly competition where only pride and fun are on the line, or if you’d like to place a wager on the challenge. If you wager, both players have the opportunity to win some Urbos, the currency in Urbanville. You can spend your Urbos on cool gear for your avatar at one of the many shops in Urbanville.

Even if you’ve never played family adventure games, you won’t have any trouble getting the hang of Urbaniacs. From the moment you create your own unique avatar, you’ll be engulfed in this awesome world. You’ll see that Urbaniacs can actually get the world family involved as everyone takes part in this one-of-a-kind family adventure game.