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Comic Book Games

If you’re looking for solid comic book games, Urbaniacs is pretty much the ultimate experience available. Our online avatar community is an adventure and action game, rolled up with role playing and social networking. From our superhero games and battlegrounds to our active forums and chats, we’ve got a complete gaming experience, different than other online comic book games.

The Style of Our Comic Book Games

Enter Urbanville, and you’ll feel like you’re moving through a comic book. With amazingly sophisticated designs, this is far better than average comic book games. Kids and teens love our funky characters; our superheroes run the gamut from traditional cape-wearers to hip, bell-bottom wearing groovemasters. Adults admire our detailed designs and clever games.

The entire city of Urbanville is one big game for you to explore. Be careful though; at any time, you could be faced with a battle, challenge or assault from a fellow Urbaniac. In addition to remaining on the lookout for other players, watch out for lead characters that may come after you. These staples characters include GoatFist, the Evil Genius of Urbanville, and Henchling Kelvin, GoatFist’s latest creation.

Heroes don’t despair because you’ve got some backup in our comic book game. Mayor DaMan, also known as Ira B. DaMan, is the main superhero as well as Urbanville’s mayor. Afro_Chic also looks out for fair Urbaniacs as the chill Mistress of Funk. She’s just looking to keep everyone mellow so you certainly want to stick close to her. That is, unless you’re a Villain; in that case, you should chase down GoatFist and Henchling Kelvin.