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Avatar Maker

An avatar is your computer-generated representation of yourself. At Urbaniacs, your avatar is three-dimensional as you’ll use it to explore the streets of Urbanville, play awesome online games and chat with other Urbaniacs. If you’ve never created an avatar, don’t worry; it’s totally easy when you use our unique avatar maker.

Create Your Own Alter Ego with Our Avatar Maker

First of all, you’ve got to join Urbaniacs. Click on our Sign Up Now link to get started. You’ll have to select your age—whether you’re under 13, or age 13 or older. You can then create your User ID; the only requirement is that it’s between two and 20 characters. Other than that, you can have fun by picking a creative name!

After you’ve chosen a password, you’ll be asked to enter your gender, birthday and first name. Once you click the “Join Urbaniacs” link, you’ll be taken to our Equip Interface, also known as our avatar maker. Scroll through all our head choices until you find the one that you like for your avatar. After that, choose the body and legs you want.

You can mix and match any of the components that you like. The stats underneath the avatar maker’s display box change according to the particular component you choose. This is because various head, body or legs pieces feature different strengths of Might, Health, Mojo and Defense. Play with the avatar maker until you create an avatar that you like.