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Avatar Icon

In Urbanville, your avatar icon allows people to identify you. Think of it like a miniature identification card. You may be thinking that you don’t want some of your fellow Urbaniacs to know it’s you, particularly your arch enemies. Just think though, wouldn’t you want to know when your arch enemies are around? It’s only fair.

A Unique Avatar Icon

Likewise, you certainly want your friends to know when you’re roaming the streets of Urbanville. You’ll find that you often get invited to challenges or battles when you’re just exploring the city. This is the awesome part of our online community; you never know what’s gonna happen so you best be prepared at all times!

You can upload your own unique alter ego image for use as your avatar icon. If you have a jpg or other image file on your computer that you want to use as your avatar icon, simply upload it to our site. While you can upload any type image you like, Mayor DaMan has final approval. If he doesn’t think your image is appropriate, it will be denied. The Mayor has a lot of responsibilities so don’t worry if it takes a couple days to hear back from him.

Remember, your avatar icon is a representation of your alter ego. It’s your secret identity so have fun with it! If you aren’t happy with the icon you choose, you can also change it later.