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Avatar Game

An avatar game is different than traditional online games. When you play an avatar game, you get to become your own unique alter ego. It’s no longer you playing the game; it’s you as your secret identity! Your avatar can do tons of things that you can’t do in your real life, thanks to the awesome superpowers you can have online.

Our Comic Book Avatar Game

At Urbaniacs, our avatar game is literally a fully interactive, animated comic book-style game. Complete with superheroes and villains, you’ll have an absolute blast as you explore the many avenues of Urbanville. There are tons of games to play in Urbanville, from basic memory games like Flip It to hilariously unique games like Wedgie Toss and Smell My Fart.

Urbaniacs is more than just a gaming site too; it’s a complete online social network. You’ll get to chat with fellow Urbaniacs in our forums and via our online chat messaging tool. You can keep in touch with your friends, all within our avatar game, or meet new friends from all over the globe.

In addition to game-playing, you can also train your avatar in our Proving Grounds. Once you’ve gotten your training completed, head over to Funk’s Depot where you can use Urbos, the local currency in Urbanville, to buy a ton of hip, funky items like a diggity dagger or an Urbo lunch box. You’ll see that Urbaniacs is much more than just your average avatar game.