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Avatar Creator

At Urbaniacs, we have an awesome avatar creator in place so you can make your own alter ego in no time. Once you join our site, you’ll land on our Equip Interface page. This is where you will make your initial Urbaniac or alter ego.

How to Use Our Avatar Creator

You will be able to scroll through choices for your avatar’s head, body and legs when you use our avatar creator. Initially, you’ll only have limited options but over time, you’ll get more choices. As you play games and explore Urbanville, you’ll be given more choices for your avatar’s basic components, and cool alternatives for gear your Urbaniac can sport.

Your Urbaniac will be given an exclusive name based on the components you choose for it. Each component—head, body and legs—has special powers associated with it, so the name you are given relates to those powers. Your User ID is the one you create yourself. Based on the avatar you create, you’ll also have stats detailing your superpowers. Rankings for Might, Defense, Mojo and Health will be listed in your Urbaniac’s profile.

Remember, you’ll have chances to revisit our avatar creator later on, to further customize your Urbaniac. Once you’ve got your initial avatar, your best bet is to hit the Proving Grounds. This is your daily training zone where you will improve your skills and see your stats perk up as a result. With regular training, you’ll have more avatar options available to you in no time.