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Animated Avatars

Animated avatars have taken online gaming to a whole new level. Rather than simply playing an online game, you get to actually transform into someone else so you’re inside the game itself! When you enter Urbanville, you become your alter ego—that is, your Urbaniac ventures through our interactive, gaming world.

Complete with their own names, bodies and unique gear, our animated avatars are unlike any others in the online world. You get to design your own Urbaniac so you call all the shots on how it looks. Don’t worry about being locked into your initial design. You’ll have many chances to update your animated avatar as you explore Urbanville.

What Can Animated Avatars Do?

Just about everything! In Urbanville, our animated avatars consist of three parts initially—legs, body and head. Each part of an Urbaniac possesses special powers so you can get different superpowers by switching out parts of the avatar. You also want to keep your avatar in tip-top shape. Make sure you train daily at the Proving Grounds. This will help to up your stats and give you more superpowers over time.

Our animated avatars also interact with each other in Urbanville. You can give a fellow Urbaniac Props if you think he did something that deserves respect and recognition. Conversely, you can also Diss another avatar if she did something that you think is lame. Time limits apply to Props and Disses, meaning once you give them out, you have to wait a specified period of time before giving Props or Disses again.