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Alter Ego

Sometimes itís fun to pretend you are someone else, and thatís exactly why online gaming can be so cool. When you enter our interactive universe at, you get to transform into your alter ego. Since you create your alter ego yourself, it can be anything you want it to be. Just think of it as your own secret identity!

Design Your Own Alter Ego

Your alter ego is also known as your Urbaniac. Alter egos come in many forms, such as Hero, Villain, Nomad, Beatnik and Vigilante. If you choose a basic prototype, you then get to customize it yourself to make your Urbaniac totally unique. You are the creator, designing the entire thing yourself by choosing the different pieces you want to fit together.

There are literally thousands of options from which to choose so get ready to have fun in the creation process. When you sign up, create your alter egoís name. This is the unique handle that youíll be known by in Urbanville. Remember, itís a secret identity so donít use your real name!

After you join our website, youíll be immediately taken to our stellar Equip Interface where youíll create your alter ego. At first, youíll only be able to choose a head, body and legs for your Urbaniac. After you venture through Urbanville, playing adventure games and interacting with the community, youíll have opportunities to buy more body parts and gear for your alter ego.