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Adventure Games

While there are a ton of adventure games available online, nothing compares to the awesome interactive world of Urbaniacs. Our online adventure game is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. It’s more than just a game; it’s an entire social community where you can chat up fellow players right before or after battling them.

A Stand-out Amongst Adventure Games

Urbaniacs is literally a comic book world come to virtual life. You create your own distinctive avatar, known as an Urbaniac. You also create a unique name or handle for your profile, and your Urbaniac will receive its own customized name. This is how people will know you in Urbanville.

Once you have your avatar completed, you’re ready to hop into the many adventure games available. In our Kick It Ninja Style adventure game, you jump over cars, duck to avoid flying flingos and use fire powers to battle your way through the competition. As you progress to higher levels, you get additional superpowers. If you’re looking for some adventure games with hand-to-hand combat, check out our It’s a Bout Time! You’ll spar with GoatFist, the evil villain. Get ready to move those fingers quickly because GoatFist is ready to wail on any good Urbaniac that comes his way.

When you’re in Urbanville, you’ve got to stay alert. At any time you could be challenged to a battle with fellow Urbaniacs or even lead characters. Urbaniacs takes online adventure games to a whole new level; you’ll never want to leave this hip, funky world.